Lenny Dykstra spent nine hours dumpster diving after losing his $80,000 dentures

Former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra is once again in the news for an embarrassing reason. After misplacing his $80,000 dentures, the 56-year-old Dykstra found himself dumpster diving for nine hours, according to NJ.com.

There’s already a lot to break down there, but we’re going to add two more factors to the equation before we explain anything. This happened at a Jersey Mike’s, and Dykstra was helped by Sprinkles the Clown.

As Dykstra told NJ.com, he went to the restaurant to eat. Once he got there, he took out his dentures because “the bread is so hard on those subs.” He then wrapped the dentures in a napkin and accidentally left the restaurant without grabbing them.

When he returned, Dykstra was informed the wait staff threw out all the napkins on the table. That’s when he decided to dumpster dive to get them.

“When I went back, the workers said they threw all the napkins in the garbage,” Dykstra said. “I told them there was no f---- way I was leaving without my f---- teeth.”

While all of this sounds excessive for teeth, Dykstra couldn’t deal with losing his custom made $80,000 teeth, which are made out of bone marrow.

Don’t worry, though, Dykstra had help while he was digging through dumpsters for nine hours. Sprinkles the Clown was there.

Sprinkles the Clown is not actually a clown. He’s a wrestler.

Does all of this sound too ridiculous to be true? Well, there’s video of Dykstra ruffling through some garbage.

All that searching eventually paid off. Dykstra posted a Twitter video Sunday with the caption, “I finally found my f——— teeth.”

The dentures sage doesn’t rank highly among the bizarre — and sometimes legitimately concerning — things Dykstra has been involved with during his post-baseball life. This one didn’t end with Dykstra getting in trouble with the law, at least.


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