Lenny Dykstra to fight 'Bagel Boss' Chris Morgan in Atlantic City boxing match

Recently cleared of a terroristic threat charge, Lenny Dykstra is slated to fight the dude who's famous for screaming about being short in a bagel shop. (Getty)

The winding post-baseball tale of Lenny Dykstra has another strange new chapter.

The three-time All-Star and World Series champion is slated to fight “Bagel Boss” Chris Morgan in Atlantic City. The two will square off in a boxing ring at the Showboat Hotel on Sept. 7 in a deal announced Monday.

Who is ‘Bagel Boss’?

He’s the dude who threw a tantrum in a New York bagel shop last month, complaining about being short and his interactions with women on dating sites, prompting another customer to body slam him.

Why is he fighting Lenny Dykstra?

Because 2019.

“ITS (sic) ON!!!,” Morgan wrote on Instagram Monday. “I have no doubts that I will knock this f---er out. Buy your tickets now!”

Morgan reportedly signed with fight promoter Damon Feldman’s Celebrity Boxing shortly after his viral fame, but did not have an opponent until Dykstra agreed to take him on in the the ring.

Dykstra reached out to ‘Bagel Boss’ after meltdown

Dykstra, who was listed at 5-10 and 160 pounds during his playing days, appeared sympathetic to the “little guy that went crazy” after his bagel shop meltdown in a July Twitter post.

Now the two will square off with gloves.

Dykstra recently cleared of terroristic threat charge

The last we heard from Dykstra, he was escaping serious penalty after being charged with making terroristic threats and drug possession for allegedly telling an Uber driver “I’ll blow your f---ing head” off while mimicking placing a gun to the back of the driver’s head.

The alleged incident occurred when Dykstra wanted to change his destination mid-route and the driver told him he’d have to make the change via the Uber app.

The driver dropped him off at the police station instead, where police say they found a substance believed to be marijuana, a glass pipe, a straw with suspected cocaine residue, a vial of suspected cocaine and two pills suspected to be MDMA in Dykstra’s bag.

Drug charges dropped

A judge later dropped the drug charges after ruling that police had no reason to search his bag. Dykstra pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in a plea deal, leading to a $125 fine and an order to avoid contact with the Uber driver.

Dykstra has also served prison time for bankruptcy fraud, grand theft auto and money laundering since he retired from baseball in 1996.

Now he’s free to do what he pleases, which apparently means fighting short guys with anger issues.

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