Leslie Jordan Shared Another Vintage Photo & Everyone's Thirsting

·1 min read

Leslie Jordan – comedian and gay icon – broke the internet a few days ago by sharing a shirtless photo of himself from some forty-odd years ago.

“I just called 1980 and told it I wanted my 6-pack back — except in those days I was drinking and I’m afraid they’ll think I want beer,” wrote Jordan.

On Tuesday, he shared another photo that has since been deleted, but that hasn't stopped fans from screenshotting and sharing it across the internet. The first photo was taken when Jordan was about 22, while the second was around 25.

The new photo has unleashed a new tidal wave of thirst online, especially from gay men:

Jordan was even used for memes thirsting after himself? Which feels illegal, but alas.

There are few things stronger than a gay man's thirst.

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