"Remake America" helps two job seekers find work

Remake America

Before joining the cast of Yahoo!’s weekly Web series, "Remake America," John and Leslie were no different from the 12.8 million unemployed Americans seeking work at the start of the new year. With mounting bills and their professional resources exhausted, these two baby boomers decided to share with an online audience their pursuit of new employment opportunities.

Though strangers to each other and located in separate parts of the country, John and Leslie shared similar stories. John was laid off from a position he had held for sixteen years at the American Red Cross and Leslie, also laid off, found herself competing with recent college graduates for prime sales openings.

Since the series launched, the two have received an outpouring of support and advice from the Yahoo! community, and their stories were featured on "ABC World News" and "Good Morning America."

John was recently offered a position with Allied Barton. Leslie is still on the hunt but maintains her optimism.

“For the most part, people’s comments are very supportive,” said Leslie. “For me the biggest thing has been that there are so many people in the same boat.”

“The compassion of humans is still there,” she continued. “That needs to be celebrated.”

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