Let’s play 17? How NFL’s expanded regular season and upcoming TV deals could make league financially

SportsPulse: While every league has had to take their financial hits from the pandemic, according to our financial and marketing expert Jarrod Moses, the NFL is in a unique situation to be financially pandemic proof with new lucrative TV deals in the works.

Video Transcript

MACKENZIE SALMON: Will the NFL be essentially pandemic-proof with their new TV deals coming up and the expansion of the regular season to 17 games? Because it sounds like the NFL is willing to save the cap this year by borrowing the money for future years, knowing new TV deals and expanding regular season on the way.

JARROD MOSES: Yeah, I think absolutely it will be built into it. I mean, we all know the shrewd negotiation tactics of the owners as well as the commissioner. And there'll be a way that they make sure they make up for the loss in the broadcast negotiation rights. My guess is they make back almost all of the losses in the years to come with this new package that they're gonna be negotiating.

And also, remember, there's gonna be an opportunity to secondarily window broadcast as well. So you'll have your network carriage and you'll have your streaming carriage, which has been pretty successful for the league over the last couple of years. I could imagine them trying to couple the two. But don't be surprised if some of these streaming partners come in very aggressively to try to beat out this terrestrial network, traditional package that's happened in the past. I would not be surprised if you start to see games more aggressively appearing on streaming than on broadcast.