‘Let them have it!’ Worcester residents glad to be spared worst of winter storm

Worcester and the rest of Central Massachusetts usually hits the snow jackpot.

This time out, Worcester was spared the brunt of the storm, but no one was looking past it.

At the Worcester DPW yard, the salt and sander trucks were in constant motion.

They hit the streets at midnight.

The work to keep Worcester’s streets clear never stops.

And it paid off.

It was smooth going on the main roads.

The side roads were also manageable.

And Worcester Police reported no serious accidents during the storm.

Meanwhile, in the neighborhoods, people got out of their homes, clearing driveways and sidewalks.

“It’s medium heavy: it’s not too heavy where it’s going to break your back, but it’s slushy and gross and wet,” said Ricky Krause.

Terri Papadopoulos used her snow day, like so many others, shoveling.

“We worked from home. They canceled, we were supposed to go to the office, and they told us to stay home,” Papadopoulos said.

“At least it’s not as bad, we thought we were going to get nine or 12 inches,” she added.

There are some, of course, who find a Worcester February snow, irresistible

But plenty of others are happy to leave all that snow that didn’t fall to the dogs.

“What do you think about the Cape and those places getting all the snow and Worcester doesn’t get any?” Bob Ward asked David Savage

“They like it, let them have it!” he said

Worcester got a pass this time out but residents know that next time, they may not be so lucky.

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