Let's Kill Hitler prequel teases Doctor Who midseason premiere

Whether you’re a hardcore Doctor Who fan or a recent convert to the long-running science-fiction series, the BBC team is making sure there’s no shortage of reminders that the current season returns with new episodes in just a few weeks.

In their continuing efforts to tease the impending midseason premiere, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” the network has created a short prequel that leads into August 27′s new adventure with The Doctor and his companions. The teaser unfolds in the time between the midseason finale, “A Good Man Goes To War,” and the “Let’s Kill Hitler” midseason premiere.

In the teaser, The Doctor receives a call from Amy on the TARDIS’ answering machine (yes, it apparently has an answering machine), asking whether he’s made any progress rescuing her baby, who was kidnapped in the prior episode. Declining to answer the call, The Doctor appears to be less than thrilled about the current situation.

The prequel was written by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, who also wrote “A Good Man Goes To War” and the upcoming “Let’s Kill Hitler” episode.

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