Letter: Calling upon IU to do more than the minimum when it comes to providing masks

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Typing on a keyboard
Typing on a keyboard

Recently California schools closed because students and teachers stayed home to protest their schools' current safety measures. They're boycotting their education and jobs until administrators provide more masks, regular testing and better distancing, or shift to virtual learning. Students in New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C., are similarly protesting.

I call on my fellow community members to put pressure on Indiana University to provide improved safety measures. The class size relative to room size restricts the ability to physically distance, and is inappropriate during a public health crisis of a contagious virus. This is causing undue stress on students as well as educators.

At the start of the pandemic IU provided two cloth masks. Why hasn't IU provided more masks? There are businesses that offer free shipping and wholesale opportunities for educational institutions. There are students wearing cloth masks who either cannot afford N95s or do not know better. IU officials know better.

I asked IU about this. The response was, “Indiana University is taking the necessary precautions for all students, faculty and staff.” To the officials of IU, please do more than the necessary. Go above and beyond with your position of leadership. Please do better for everyone.

Marnina Patrick, Bloomington

This article originally appeared on The Herald-Times: Letter: IU should provide more, better masks

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