Letter: Delay in passing infrastructure bill shows the political system is broken

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Well, it finally happened! The U.S. House of Representatives somehow found a way to pass the infrastructure bill. Something that should have happened over two months ago. Something so good for the country that it should have passed unanimously in both chambers. Why didn't it? Largely because of House infighting amongst two Democratic factions. This confirms to me that our political system is truly broken beyond repair. A total overhaul is needed.

What do I suggest? First, let's give the Republican Party to their ultra-right members. The group that spreads hatred, condones lying and morel decay, and if the truth came out, are mostly racists.

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Second, let's give the Democratic Party to the leftist socialist extreme that wants to give away the family farm by providing everything free of charge. Forget about working for a living and worrying about how things are being paid for.

Third, let's start another political party. Let's fill it with the moderates from both parties. Moral people who know right from wrong. Hardworking people who realize there should be no such thing as a free ride. Folks who put our country ahead of their personal agendas. People willing to help those truly in need. Let's run candidates who meet these criteria that we can believe in and trust. People that won't embarrass us or let us down.

Can all this happen? Well, I sure hope so. Our political system needs changed and changed fast before it's too late for all of us.

Stephen Jones, Springfield

This article originally appeared on State Journal-Register: Infighting delayed Housempassage of the infrastructure bill