Letter to the Editor

Eliminating unions would improve economic inequality

On March 10, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill repealing the Right To Work Law, which was enacted in 2012. This bill, in order to become law, will need to be passed by the state Senate, and then signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Currently, 27 states have Right To Work Laws that allow workers in union shops to benefit from union-negotiated pay (which on average is 20% higher than in non-union shops) while making the payment of union dues optional.

Let's imagine this kind of freedom applied to food purchases. This, only slightly more outrageous example, might be called the Freedom To Eat Law. Shoppers would have the right to obtain groceries, the payment for which, would be optional. Most grocery stores would not stay in business long under this kind of system. The decrease in the number of union shops in Right To Work states shows that labor unions suffer similar difficulties.

I am convinced that the elimination of labor unions, which have built a strong middle class in this country, would contribute to a significant rise in economic inequality.

Bob Ross


This article originally appeared on The Petoskey News-Review: Letter: Eliminating unions would improve economic inequality