Letter to the Editor

October 20, 2021, we received a packet of information from the USDA/Hoosier National Forest Service. This packet was about a project referred to as Buffalo Springs Restoration Project. This project includes the area of the Hoosier National Forest south of Paoli extending west to Hwy 145, south into Crawford County to Patoka Lake and Brownstown Rd, east of Valeene into the Oak Grove Rd area extending north almost to Hwy 150. This area includes Tucker Lake area, Springs Valley Recreation Area, Youngs Creek Horse Camp and the trails used by horseback riders in Southeast and Greenfield townships. The project includes:

  • 707 acres - clearcut pines

  • 1,558 acres - pine thinning

  • 1,131 acres - hardwood thinning

  • 957 acres - selection cuts

  • 771 acres - herbicide spot treatment

  • 12,135 - 15,100 acres PRESCRIBED BURNS

  • 6 miles road construction

  • 13 miles road Reconstruction

  • 4 miles road Decommissioned

  • 2 miles of the Springs Valley Trail and 8 miles of the Youngs Creek Trail will be turned into logging roads.

This area is basically all the Hoosier National Forest south of Paoli. This is a huge area to be burned and heavily logged.

Our HNF is a precious jewel and is loved and appreciated not only by area residents but by tourists that come to enjoy nature at her best. Please check our Facebook group: Save Hoosier National Forest.

Additional information about this plan can be found on the Hoosier National Forest webpage: http://go.usa.gov/xAn24.

NO PUBLIC COMMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER NOVEMBER 15, 2021. If, like us, you are concerned with the extent of this project please express your concerns to the Hoosier National Forest Service.

Mail written comments to: ATTN: BUFFALO SPRINGS RESTORATION PROJECT. Hoosier National Forest Service 811 Constitution Ave Bedford, Indiana 47421.


Or contact: Kevin Amick 812-276-4746 Email: kevin.amick@usda.gov

Sincerely and Respectfully:

Frankie and Sally Stewart

This article originally appeared on The Times-Mail: Frankie and Sally Stewart Letter to the Editor