Letter to the editor: How dare we prefer democracy and truth?

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How dare we, Ohio voters, vote to end gerrymandering, and expect our Republican elected officials to end gerrymandering that assures their election and would assure their reelection.

How dare we expect that elected officials will not undermine the fairness of American elections, will not suppress the vote of citizen groups who might now reelect incumbent Republicans.

How dare we expect Republican officials in Ohio, in every state, to finally tell the truth about our 2020 presidential election.

How dare we prefer democracy, the peaceful transfer of power and hassle-free elections to violent, gun-toting intimidation of political candidates and elected officials by Red Coats, power-crazed, wealthy, dictatorial king-wishers who would follow their vindictive defeated leader, still storming around dressed in naked lies and misinformation.

Do we have to ring the liberty bell again?

How dare we expect news media and social media to report verifiable factual news. How dare we expect the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our democracy to hold politicians and regular citizens accountable for lies, for misinformation, for cheating American citizen voters of their rightful representation in democracy, in local and federal legislative bodies.

Dare we vote like Paula and Paul Reveres?

— Carol McFall, Washington Township

This article originally appeared on The Repository: Letter to the editor: How dare we prefer democracy and truth?

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