Letter to the Editor: Healthcare staffing discussions are one-sided

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Healthcare staffing discussions are one-sided

Thank you, Rosemary Shields, for your letter to the editor referencing the plans for new Cape Cod Healthcare additions (CCHC should focus on staff shortages, Jan. 10). What you wrote was right on point, especially recognizing the promises made in the past to discuss staffing. Well, staffing is discussed but is a very one-sided conversation coming from those on the frontlines.

Simple signs of respect, gratitude and appreciation in addition to some help from the beginning and throughout the pandemic by our employers at all levels would go a very long way. The work these men and women are doing is exhausting — being asked to do more and more, which they do, without regard for their own well being. It's heart breaking.

But new facilities continue to be planned without any thought as to who will be inside taking care of the patients.

I wonder how the staff and the community for that matter felt reading the article about all the new units and additions proposed on Cape Cod. Naturally, there are architectural plans for this. Let’s see the plans for improved staffing. Is it any wonder there is a nursing crisis?

I was pleased to read someone in our community sees the true picture and I am hopeful she is not alone.

Beth Piknick, registered nurse, Centerville

This article originally appeared on Cape Cod Times: cape cod healthcare plans construction amid staffing shortages

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