LETTER: We know Trump wants dictatorial power

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Editor, Register-Mail: I see letters in this space from a man in a nearby town, whose misinformation, disinformation and "untruths" are as bad as what we hear from Russia and China. Donald Trump does not have “love for our country.” He loves money and power.

And Trump is not a fascist? “Fascism is a form of far right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of the society and the economy the rose to prominence in early 20th century Europe.” (Wikipedia)

Donald Trump would love to be another Hitler, leading his army of well-armed, willfully ignorant, anti-democracy dimwits, able to kill the journalists, and anyone who speaks against him. This would END the battered democracy that we still have.

We know that Trump wants dictatorial power, and we know that the Hill Republicans want a Trumpian dictatorship, though probably not with Trump in the White House. In Republican-led states, we ALREADY HAVE forcible suppression of opposition, with rampant gerrymandering and voter discrimination. That is plainly not democracy, and you and I will be seeing how far this gets before it’s stopped.

Trump's policy has never been “America first.” It's always been TRUMP FIRST. The charges against him from individuals, cities, states, and the Department of Justice have been piling up since before his election. His claim that he could've stopped his friend from invading Ukraine is laughable. He would have encouraged Putin to do it and offered him aid for the effort.

Thomas Mosher, please tell us more about “Trump’s reasonable America first policies.” That seems to include destroying our relationship with our allies, encouraging a mob to try to destroy our democracy by killing legislators, and Vice President Pence, and appearing at rallies where he stokes fear and hate among his dwindling number of followers.

You, and the rest of Trump’s followers are NOT “America’s patriots.” You encourage anti-democracy fascists, who would put America back in the hands of that incompetent and dangerous self-centered autocrat. We know what he is, and he will not come to power again. — Jerry Ryberg, Galesburg

This article originally appeared on Galesburg Register-Mail: LETTER: We know Trump wants dictatorial power