Letter: Safe Haven of Ashland is a good resource for victims of domestic violence

I was shocked and humbled in August 2022 to be one of the recipients of the Samaritan Foundation awards presented to a few people each year.

In addition, I was honored to choose a place to receive a $4,000 grant in my name.

After some deliberation and research I chose Safe Haven, which is an Appleseed Community Health Center rape crisis domestic violence program. Before 1986, Ashland didn’t have such a place or even a rape crisis center.

It was also in 1986 when my partner came home one night, drunk and angry and attacked me. I never called the police or did anything about it.

If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have made that call. I am sure I am not the only person who has that story to tell, not about one day but all the time. I was lucky to live to tell my story. Some are not so fortunate.

Please join me in supporting Safe Haven, which many may not even know exists in our town. If you are a victim, you can call the anonymous hotline at 419-289-8085 or visit safehavenofashland.org.

Nancy Wasen, Ashland

This article originally appeared on Ashland Times Gazette: Domestic violence programs like Safe Haven deserve our support