LETTER: Traffic, Brooks Bridge replacement updates important to readers

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You asked in the Jan. 9 Daily News Opinion page what is important to us.

Well, traffic comes to mind, particularly traffic between Fort Walton Beach and Destin. I'm wondering what is the state of the Brooks Bridge replacement project, which has been in the works nearly as long as I have been alive. Well, it seems like it.

Last year I saw a cartoon video released to Facebook which showed an overhead view of the bridge and all its wonderful features, and how the traffic would distribute on the east end. The video didn't extend westward to show how that end would connect to existing roads and which businesses will be impacted.

Some contributor to this video publicly stated how he was so proud to see this project "to fruition," yet one shovel of dirt has yet to be moved.

So, some questions the Daily News might address are:

  • Is the bridge project to begin physical construction in 2022 as was stated in the video?

  • Is there any information available as to how the bridge will connect on the west end?

  • Once construction begins, what is the time to completion?

— Herb Henry, Shalimar

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This article originally appeared on Northwest Florida Daily News: LETTER: Traffic, Brooks Bridge updates important to readers

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