Letters: Biden told the truth about Putin

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U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a media conference, after an extraordinary NATO summit and Group of Seven meeting, at NATO headquarters in Brussels.
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a media conference, after an extraordinary NATO summit and Group of Seven meeting, at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Biden told the truth about Putin

President Biden, in his extemporaneous remarks at the NATO summit, did something politicians and diplomats rarely do: He told the truth. After 30 days of the worst unprovoked destruction of a country and its unarmed, innocent civilian population since World War II, Biden said the architect of this cataclysm should go. Truer words have not been spoken. It's for "diplomats" to dance around the truth in their politically correct manner. This monster should go and be tried for war crimes. That's the simple truth.

Robert Briskin, M.D., Jupiter

High oil and gas prices a given

The price of oil is determined by a worldwide market and the gasoline price at the pump reflects what oil companies believe they need to continue making a profit. As we cut our ties with Russia, Russian oil is cut from the market. Increased American production would impact prices but this isn't a tap turned on and off from the White House. Increased production requires long-term thought and action based on risk by capitalist investors. Prices might decrease if demand decreased. In the U.S., this might involve wider use of public transportation and carpooling and fewer miles driven in personal cars. A sudden supply of electric automobiles might help but older vehicles would likely move to other parts of the auto market. So we are likely to see gasoline prices staying fairly high until the Russian war against Ukraine is resolved.

Donald Hoffman, Boynton Beach

Water position doesn't flow well

The letter about Americans using too much water made no sense to me. Please explain to me how water that I don't use is going to find its way to other parts of the world or this country that are suffering drought conditions. Also, water does not not disappear after it is used. It reenters the environment one way or another. Should we all do our best to conserve resources and protect the environment? Of course but let's make sense.

Jeffrey B. Brown, Palm Beach Gardens

Russia certainly miscalculated

There seems little doubt the invasion of the Ukraine has been a disaster for both Russia and Ukraine. No amount of propaganda can hide the collapsing economy, discontent and worldwide condemnation that Russia is experiencing. Russia has no endgame to save face against a stiff Ukrainian defense. Putin has reacted in anger and directed bombing of hospitals and civilian housing in a desperate attempt to crush resistance. It will not work, as censure and criticism rain down on Russia. There seems to be no real exit ramp for Russia except one: Get rid of Putin and let him take the blame for everything, including war crimes. The oligarchs, military leaders and politicians must sacrifice Putin if they expect to have a country left.

Ray McGogney, West Palm Beach

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