Letters to the editor: Choosing between Bill-de la Peña and Gorell for supervisor

Bill-de la Peña is best candidate

My family are all voting for Claudia Bill-de la Peña, who is the most outstanding candidate for the District 2 open slot on the VC Board of Supervisors. Claudia has long served the community of Thousand Oaks in her many positions on the planning commission and on the city council, plus, I believe, at least two terms as mayor. Her outstanding experience with local matters which are often faced by the board of supervisors, is unparalleled. Her reputation with voters and her constituents is of the highest caliber of ethical standards.

There’s never any question as to whom her allegiance is consistently direct, and that is to the residents of her community. It is not too big business, big developers like L.A.’s Rick Caruso, major oil or natural resource companies, big agricultural conglomerates, or any other entity that seeks to do harm to our environment. I’m sure everyone has noticed how some candidates like to destroy our environment by plastering their obnoxiously oversized campaign signage everywhere. Those candidates will never get our votes.

Claudia also speaks strongly for science proven standards for the protection of our society. I am very proud that she has consistently backed and supported our retiring supervisor, Linda Parks. All of the nonsense involving the COVID crisis and created myths about mask wearing, etc., never held any weight for Claudia. She supported strongly the small businesses who have resisted the call to ignore common-sense scientific reasoning. Claudia also supports all rights for reproductive health care for men and women.

Voters in District 2, including all of the Conejo Valley, the Santa Rosa Valley, and parts of Camarillo should vote for the most intelligent, ethical, strong-willed, and highly experienced candidate for Supervisor: Claudia Bill-de La Peña.

Sally J. Hibbitts, Westlake Village

Gorell devoted to public service

A recent Letter to the Editor, critical of Jeff Gorell for his work on behalf of the city of Los Angeles, undoubtedly a product of his opponent’s campaign, is disingenuous and disturbing. People who actually know Jeff are aware of the fact he is and always has been devoted to public service.

As a Naval intelligence officer, he served in Afghanistan in 2001. Before being deployed, he was working for me as a young deputy district attorney. In addition to being an excellent lawyer and dedicated prosecutor focused on protecting the people of Ventura County, he cared deeply about our (and his) community. Based on his distinguished service-oriented career, we can rest assured that we will get a courageous and honorable supervisor in Gorell who will represent all of us, not a politician focused on his own best interests.

Michael Bradbury, Ojai

This article originally appeared on Ventura County Star: Letters: Choosing between Bill-de la Peña and Gorell for supervisor