Letters to the Editor for Dec. 12

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Trump’s 2024 presidential conundrum

Despite holding the presidency for four years, Donald Trump seemingly missed or simply ignored the substance of his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, acting appropriately within the scope and limits placed on presidential authority and undertaking his responsibility “to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”. Instead, his flawed interpretation of the Constitution led him to believe, “I have Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”

It is no secret the former president not only relishes his role as Republican “kingmaker” but also salivates over an opportunity to run and be elected in 2024.

After waging a year-long campaign proclaiming his illusion he was actually elected and the presidency was somehow stolen from him, that pesky Constitution could create a major roadblock to his 2024 presidential ambitions.

Trump ought to be careful what he wishes for as, should he be correct, the 22nd Amendment, which states, “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice,” would preclude his ability to be reelected again.

However, if his colossal ego and the temptation of a second term are so overpowering, Trump’s distasteful options are either sticking to his stolen election fantasy or publicly admitting he legitimately lost the 2020 election; while making him eligible to be elected demonstrate his utter hypocrisy.

The only other explanation he could offer is he had simply orchestrated the “big lie” for personal, political and financial gain.

Dick Newbert


Religious service in rotunda inappropriate

Lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda should not be accompanied by a religious service as was done for Senator Bob Dole. Such is incompatible with American values. First the Republicans shuttle the remains of Nancy Reagan around like she is royalty, now this.

Republicans want to rule, not govern

Apparently, the Republican Party has given up any pretense at hoping to draw enough votes to govern the U.S. and has opted to pursue ruling the U.S. Instead of a woman having some control over her decisions, after consulting her doctor, the Republicans are working to allow the federal government to dictate to women everywhere how their bodies should be treated. Personal choice, which was a Republican Party platform of less government interference, will be a thing of the past.

Voters, too, will have their rights denied by the Republican Party. If the party doesn't like the result of a vote, they want to have their selected election boards decide to ignore the will of the electorate and declare victory for their chosen candidates. Is this their idea of less government interference?

Not just Democratic voters but Republican voters, too, should be wary of this campaign to rule, because once the party has control, they will ignore the will of anyone, Republican, Democrat, independent or any other faction, and do as they please. They will rule.

"If they will do it with you, they will do it to you!" Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

James Seyboldt


There aren't peaceful protests anymore

So, the president suggests we protest peaceably. That is a laugh. We don’t know how to do that any longer. Martin Luther King Jr. knew how to do a protest peaceably, but it is now a lost art.

The people who are upset over the Rittenhouse verdict are those that did not watch the trial. What was the charge and what was the evidence? There was no other result that would have been just. I hear many call this a racist situation. Strange, since the shooter and all the victims were white.

Chuck Ellis

Lower Makefield

Where’s the personal responsibility?

So very disgusted by the column on the flash mob robberies. Blaming corrupt politicians, those in authority and powerful leaders because they “got away” with immoral and corrupt deeds.

Everyone needs to be responsible for there own actions. Is no one taught integrity, morality or just plain right from wrong? Because others get away with crimes does not give anyone the right to join in. People need to be responsible for their actions and pay the penalty for crimes. We can’t keep saying “oh, well” we won’t prosecute, can’t say they are “workaday” people caught up in the moment.

What has happened to society? Very troubling!

Maureen Anderson


Old railroad tracks column makes good points

On Jacob Kratz's guest column Sunday (Nov. 28) — "Old railroad tracks should be used for trains, not trails" — I'm almost in total agreement with his argument. There was a time when you could ride a trolley from Philadelphia, through Bristol and Newtown to the County Seat in Doylestown.

For in-depth information on why this country had abandoned trolley and light rail, please refer to this article on Wikipedia: General Motors Streetcar Conspiracy.

Martin Kern


There are too many idiots with guns

Kyle Rittenhouse, the vigilante who killed two people and wounded a third, was acquitted of murder charges. In another trial, three men, who claim they were attempting to make a citizen's arrest, are charged in the death of unarmed Ahmaud Arbery.

And while all this was going on, in Pennsylvania, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted along party lines to make Pennsylvania a concealed-carry state. I guess their rationale was to stop one idiot with a gun, you just need another idiot with a gun. It looks to me like it's idiots all the way down.

Donald Crouthamel


Op-Ed needed a counterpoint

I am disappointed that you chose to run the opinion piece "A missed opportunity: President Biden is neither moderate nor competent" (Dec. 2) in your newspaper, especially without an opposing point of view or a disclaimer by your newspaper.

Her views do not represent her employer — The Heritage Foundation. So her views are entirely her own. What are they doing in your newspaper?

Stuart P. Brian


MLB on the road to ruin

To all Major League Baseball team owners and players: Your greed and self-interest overflow and allow you to forget the most important people who maintain your livelihoods — the fans.

So many of my friends have left, or are leaving, the game they used to love. I fell in love with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1952 but that style game — that boy — is no more.

You are on the road to a day when the American baseball industry is gone.

Chuck Pizagno


Helping veterans is important year-round

After all the hoopla about Veterans Day dies down, what is going to be done? There are many veterans charities out there that need your help. If you can donate money, even small amounts, it will be appreciated.

There are local charities that could use your help. A list of charities can be found at "Best veterans charities 2021."

If you cannot donate money, donate something nontangible. These organizations need things to be done or things to be donated.

John Lahner


Guest opinion was a train wreck

The Sunday guest opinion about the old railroad tracks ("Old railroad tracks should be used for trains, not trails", Nov. 28) went off the rails when the author said that he was worried that the government would take over his Tesla and start tracking him. So he doesn't have a cell phone or go on the Internet?

Or that his Tesla could be taken over and driven into a ditch or into another vehicle. How many cars driven by humans today are driven into a ditch or into another vehicle killing 40,000 people a year? Computer-driven cars won't get into road rage and then shoot the other computer.

Brad Zacharia

Upper Southampton

This article originally appeared on Bucks County Courier Times: Letters to the Editor for the week of Dec. 6