Letters to the editor: Doesn't see logic in Ohio's new gun law; political ads

Does Ohio really believe in safety?

The purpose of a vehicle is to safely transport people and things. To do so, you must pass a written exam and vision screening, as well as a road test. Then you may apply for an Ohio government-issued license that includes a facial photograph.

In addition, your vehicle must be properly licensed with the necessary minimum insurance coverage. Upon request from a law enforcement officer, proof of these documents must be produced.

The purpose of a gun, on the other hand, is to kill. (Target practice just hones the skill.)

Ohio Senate Bill 215, just signed into law this week, abolishes the requirement for a concealed carry weapon permit that requires a background check, an approved safety class and range practice. The law also removes the requirement that a CCW permit holder advise an officer without being asked.

Really? Can someone explain the logic to me? Do not hide behind the Second Amendment.

Robin Reid, Fairlawn

Try reading the Bible you carry

Political advertising has hit a new low. Today's candidates say they are tough and promise to be puppets to the Man. Tough puppets? I remember when candidates stood for leadership and were not just another yes man.

When they bring God into it, I take it personally. If they would read the Bible they like to carry, they would find that God is love. (Don't take my word for it!) Pro-God is pro-love.

If they had courage, they would take a public stand against neo-Nazis, white supremacists and others not known as “love groups” and reject their support.

I am a Christian and have no political side or human candidate. I am just passing through. This place is not my home.

Ron Hopkins, Akron

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