Letters to the editor: Former student condemns Killingly BOE

To the Editor:

I am a former student of Killingly High School, and a freshman at Quinebaug Valley Community College. Not many students my age write in letters to the editor, but if they feel how I do, I am sure they would write one too. After watching the last couple of Killingly Board of Education meetings, I can confidently say that I am disgusted. Disgusted by how some members of the Board of Education are treating not only our community, but other members of the same board. I have experienced bullying first-hand, as a former student from Killingly High School, and I am recognizing the same thing happens from the group of individuals who are supposed to be governing the school district.

The Killingly Board of Education has known for a year that as of January of 2022, 28% of our children have contemplated suicide, and more disturbingly, 14.7% had a plan for how they would do it. Despite these sobering statistics, there are still no resources in place. Not only am I disappointed by the Board of Education’s inability to support our children’s mental health needs, but I am disheartened by the fact that our children are watching them in the process and suffering, knowing that their needs are not being met.

To the Killingly Board of Education, please know that some of you have failed me. You have failed our children. You have failed to meet the needs of the students. I beg you to stop tyrannizing each other, and start doing what is right for the children, not yourselves. I know that you know students need this, so why keep fighting this mental health resource when myself, and other community members, have poured our hearts out to you just to be shut down each time. As a student, I am learning how to be a better person because of your inconsiderate and childish actions. Although your actions may be upsetting to most, we can at least thank you for making it easier to decide who is really working for the best interests of our students, and who is not. Thank you Sue Lannon and Chris Viens for being continued champions for our student’s mental health. Children are looking up to you. Thank you.

-Julia Revellese, Danielson

This article originally appeared on The Bulletin: LETTER: Former student says Killingly Board of Education failed her