Letters to the editor: Fox viewers are naïve; parking issues in Simi

Naïve to believe Fox reporting

Re: William Neel’s March 14 letter, “Fox News shouldn’t be canceled”:

I agree with Mr. Neel that Fox Fake News should not have their license canceled. That being said, he must be the most naive human alive. His comment “a more accurate video summary of the events of the ‘insurrection’ on Jan. 6, 2021, presented by Tucker Carlson" had me laughing for 15 minutes. Imagine, a grown adult who seems able to read and write believing Carlson didn’t edit the video. It was easily proven that he did.

How does Mr. Neel feel that Carlson hates his cult leader “passionately”? Or court records that just came out that Carlson’s former producer said that Fox News viewers are “terrorists, a bunch of dumb cousin (expletive) types.” Fox News admitted that they pushed Trump’s lie because they didn’t want to lose viewers. Fox News to William Neel, “We lied to you.” William Neel, “No you didn’t.”

Mike Lorraine, Simi Valley

Keep issuing parking violations

The Simi Valley City Council has chosen to halt issuing parking violations. As a result, we now have multiple violations happening across Simi Valley. Cars missing wheels in driveways, people parking on the front lawn, multiple boats, RVs, and other recreational toys parked on the street. These are eyesores and degrade the neighborhood. It also negatively impacts property values. Something I am certain every homeowner is concerned about.

It is perplexing why the city council would allow this to happen. City codes are put in place to ensure a safe neighborhood, protect property values, and prevent neighborhoods from deteriorating. How sad that property owners have to put up with violations left unchecked that devalue the neighborhoods and the equity in their homes. What city allows this to happen?

If you are concerned about your property values and neighborhoods, I encourage you to attend city council meetings. It is mindboggling that the city council would prefer to accommodate owners of recreational toys over protecting the value of taxpayers’ homes and the integrity of the neighborhoods.

Laura Frantzen, Simi Valley

Fox backers need reality check

Re: William Neel’s March 14 letter, “Fox News shouldn’t be canceled”:

Mr. Neel states that Fox News should not be canceled for pushing the Big Lie, does not believe there was an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, and seems to think that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are somehow relevant.

Clearly Mr. Neel never bothered to read the full Mueller report. Such a disconnect from reality is nothing short of staggering and I feel deep sadness and pity for people who have bought into all the lies still being propagated daily by the previous administration and Fox “News” to the point where their followers become completely delusional and irrational.

They have swallowed the toxic Kool-Aid hook, line and sinker and have fallen so far down that unhinged rabbit hole one wonders if they can ever recover.

The reason to print his letter escapes me — other than to show what a tremendously successful job the Republicans are doing (along with their favorite Fox propaganda channel) brainwashing their gullible followers.

I have a bridge I could sell each and every one of them.

Penelope A. Burley, Santa Rosa Valley

This article originally appeared on Ventura County Star: Letters: Fox viewers are naïve; parking issues in Simi