Letters to the editor for Jan. 28

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Democracy depends on the filibuster

I watch with concern the one-sided coverage about the proposed voting legislation in Congress and the discussion about how we need to get rid of the filibuster.

The filibuster is an important part of the Senate rules because of how the Senate is expected to act. As the chamber representing the states, it’s expected that the lawmakers there conduct themselves with more seriousness and not give over to mob rule as the House of Representatives so often does.

The preservation of the power of the minority voice is a hallmark of our democracy and therefore very important in the prevention of single-party autocracy. We all need to be very suspicious of any political party that seeks to silence the minority because they want to get their way.

Isn’t it convenient that Democrats now seek to get rid of the filibuster when they not only used it over 300 times during the Trump administration, but also used it just last week to prevent a Republican bill from coming up for a vote? The GOP used the filibuster 175 times during the eight years of the Obama administration so clearly it benefits both sides when they are in the minority.

The simple truth is that neither party holds the monopoly on what is good or right for this nation. Compromise is the only (and also the best) way to get things accomplished. I don’t know when compromise became anathema in our politics, but that is the day the American people lost.

Kimberly A. Smith, Lacey

A ‘pro-life’ rally without masks?

The Jan. 22 front page picture showed a crowd of “pro-life” demonstrators, with hardly a mask in sight. Their hypocrisy was in plain sight. They don’t seem pro-life at all, just against others having choices.

With all the science available, not wearing a mask seems a blatant disregard for life. Especially ironic is that I suspect these same people are arguing vigorously against mask or vaccine mandates; they want their choice, even if it means the death of themselves and others.

Jeff Loyer, Olympia

We suggest an alternate protest

Regarding the Jan. 24 cover story “Anti-vaccine activists march in DC to protest mandates,” here’s the cover story a whole lot of us would rather see on the front page of all newspapers: “Activists march to protest hospital wait times.”

COVID-19 hospitalizations increased 700% in the last month (per the Washington State Hospital Association). Surgeries have again been canceled for people needing surgery to ease their suffering.

We are tired of waiting for our turn! We don’t understand why so many selfish people won’t get vaccinated, which prolongs this mess we’re in. We’d like to get out with our protest signs so people can hear our voices, but we’re too ill, in too much pain, and can’t stand up for long.

Nancy Groceman, Olympia

The irony of U.S. border policy

The citizens of this country have to laugh at how insane the current administration is. We are sending billions of dollars and lethal aid to Ukraine so they can protect their border while our border is being ignored and our country is being invaded.

I guess it’s time for term limits on Congress so we can elect people that will be more concerned about America than trying to start another war in another country.

Dennis Zech, Olympia

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