Letters to the Editor: When do we get the kits to help us fight COVID?

When do we get the kits to help us fight COVID?

I heard that Ottawa Impact had chosen their leader right away for our county health department and his name is Nathaniel Kelly.

Mr. Kelly is a safety manager from a local heating, ventilation and air conditioning company who is also mad about wearing masks because of the pandemic and some of the other things, too.

He doesn’t seem to know much about public health, but he does like vitamins.

He has promised, if we have another pandemic, he would give every person in Ottawa County a kit with the horse deworming medicine Ivermectin; bleach; a neti pot; and vitamins.

I like vitamins and I’d like to be prepared for my kit so, being a member of Ottawa County, I have some questions for Mr. Kelly about the other things in the kit.

First, does a person have to have worms to make the horse deworming medicine work? If so, where do you get them?

About the bleach. I use bleach to clean my toilets and have some. How do we use it? Do we inject it like President Donald J. Trump seemed to like? Does the kit have a needle? Or do we wet our skin all over and scrub it? With a brush? Do we fill the neti pot with it and pour it through our sinuses? Or do we just drink it? How much?

I know how to take vitamins, but hope the other instructions are easy to read.

Elizabeth DeWaard


Momentum Center is a vital ally for those who work in mental health

It has been observed by many that the measure of a society is found in how it cares for its most vulnerable members. It has saddened and surprised me to learn that the funding of the Momentum Center, which supports individuals living with mental illness in Ottawa County, is in danger of being cut.

As a psychiatrist who has practiced in Ottawa County for almost 30 years, I have had an opportunity to take the measure of our community. One of the reasons I feel privileged to live here is that, whether inspired by faith or simple human decency, residents of Ottawa County have always supported our neighbors living with mental illness.

The Momentum Center has, for years, been an important ally to those of us who work in mental health. Their locations in Holland and Grand Haven welcome hundreds of individuals every year and provide community, education, and support to individuals who too often are isolated or even shunned.

I have seen the impact of the Momentum Center in the lives of many of my own patients. Tracking data obtained over time has shown reduction in depression and isolation in those who attend there, and these are results that save lives.

I recognize that we are living in a politically challenging time, but more importantly recognize the character and compassion that defines the residents of Ottawa County. Learn more about the Momentum Center’s work by visiting their website, and share your support for their mission with the Ottawa County Community Mental Health Board.

James Dumerauf, M.D.

Park Township

This article originally appeared on The Holland Sentinel: Letters to the Editor: When do we get the kits to help us fight COVID?