Letters to the editor: Majority rules; feeling angry about misinformed people

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One way to end gerrymandering in Ohio

The Jan. 10 article “'They were not going to move, ever'” is about district election maps and claims of gerrymandering. The legislative maps went to the courts for resolution. It raises a question of why do we even have districts? I suspect it comes from antiquity, when it was difficult to get information around the whole state, as perhaps in the 1800s.

If that is true, a solution might be to do away with all districts. Then have the whole state vote for all statewide political positions, regardless of where one lives in the state. Majority rules! That would put an end to all the squabbling about gerrymandered maps.

Of course, then Democrats would scream even louder and claim that would be a greater atrocity, because in the 2020 election Ohio went Republican. Maybe there isn't any solution while the country is so politically divided.

Jerry Mettler, Granger Township

Paying attention and feeling outraged

I’m angry at a pandemic that has significantly disrupted my life as well as the lives of my family and friends. I’m angry at misinformed people who reject science and Dr. Anthony Fauci in favor of a false narrative that vaccinations are either an assault on their personal liberties or that a more effective treatment for COVID is a horse dewormer or some other nonsensical treatment.

The unvaccinated have placed a tremendous burden on our overburdened healthcare system. Sarah Palin said, “over my dead body” would she get vaccinated after having had COVID. Too bad the more than 840,000 people who have died in the USA didn’t have that choice. Yes, that makes me very angry.

But mostly I’m angry with our former president who has continually perpetuated “the Big Lie,” that the election was stolen from him. Because he was able to stoke rage from his devotees, a Capitol riot occurred, threatening the lives of lawmakers and Mike Pence and seriously jeopardizing a peaceful transfer of power.

And finally, there is my anger toward lawmakers, sycophants of Trump, who choose to overlook rather than condemn the unprecedented, organized coup against our democracy. People like Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger should be praised for their courage in supporting the truth, not vilified for supposedly betraying their party. Republicans have formed an institution that inspires a blind devotion and sacrifice to a man who has no devotion to anyone but himself.

Doesn’t this make anyone else angry?

Nancy Jeffries, Norton

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Opinion: Why bother with districts for state senator, representative

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