Letters to the Editor: Mr. President, protect us with testing. Then we'll be your coronavirus 'warriors'

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Virus Outbreak Trump
President Trump participates in a tour of a Honeywell International plant that manufactures personal protective equipment in Phoenix on Tuesday. (Associated Press)

To the editor: The lives that President Trump is willing to risk for the economy are mostly those of senior citizens, poor people and people of color. ("Trump calls Americans 'warriors' in fight to open the economy," May 6)

I served in the Air Force while citizen Trump got a draft deferment due to a bone spur. Now, as someone who has a high risk of succumbing to COVID-19, I am being asked once again to sacrifice. He says, "Will some people be affected, yes."

I'll take the risk if he'll provide more testing to protect me -- the kind of testing used to protect him from infection. No one can get near him without having been tested for the disease.

Thomas Smith, Glendale


To the editor: What can we learn about leadership in the face of a global pandemic? Well, in the case our president, leadership is running away from responsibility.

Leadership is trusting your instincts rather than the experts. Leadership is refusing to model behavior that is expected of everyone else. Leadership is changing the topic when you don't like the question. Leadership is punishing employees who speak truth to power. Leadership is rewarding your friends and ignoring the needs of others. Leadership is asking for sacrifice by many while providing a cushion for others.

Surely, this is going to be a model that will be taught to future generations of leaders.

Michael Brown, Santa Barbara


To the editor: I thought the military draft was not in use. Apparently, that's no longer true.

Trump has just re-instituted a new version. Each and every American has now been deemed a "warrior" by this president. The noble cause for which we're supposed to be ready to die is restoring the economy.

Where do I and all the other conscientious objectors go to protest? There's not a place that this virus can't reach. It's a lethal predator.

All of us, warrior or objector, are its prey.

Betty Rome, Culver City


To the editor: I have little patience with those arguing that we should open the country because for some people, their mental health deteriorates after being cooped up at home for a long period.

What in blazes do you think happens to the mental health of doctors and nurses risking their lives to treat patients with COVID-19 and watching them die despite their efforts to save them?

Lorraine Knopf, Santa Monica

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