Letters to the Editor: Paul’s attacks on Fauci, misinformation on COVID a disgrace

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Paul’s performance

Once again Sen. Rand Paul has launched into a set of verbal attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci. Once again he has attempted to discredit a voice of reason and truth regarding a medical issue that has killed over 800,000 Americans and sickened millions more.

Senator Paul maintains an active license as a physician in the state of Kentucky. His decision to be unmasked on the Senate floor would not have been acceptable in any reputable medical facility. At the peak of this pandemic he would have been denied entrance to Walmart.

I contacted the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure and was informed that they could take no action on statements made “as a senator.” It is true that he is a senator, but as long as he remains licensed he is a physician. Having a medical degree doesn’t make one a doctor; professional performance does. If you’re not up to snuff you lose the privilege.

If Senator Paul gives up his license he can say what he wants about the pandemic. He can even lie about it — but until then he has an obligation to meet medical ethical standards. Contact the board. It matters.

John Vance, Versailles

Unseat Paul

After watching the despicable way Sen. Rand Paul went after Dr. Anthony Fauci recently, the voters in Kentucky need to finally realize that he uses his website that criticizes Dr. Fauci as a way to get campaign donations. He has done nothing for the people of Kentucky. He needs to be voted out of office in November.

Paul Weintraub, Las Vegas


There was a time when I did not have a red face.

Then I learned more about Rand Paul, a man who claims to represent our state. A “self-certified” doctor without official board certification. Is that really possible in any other profession? Oh boy, was I embarrassed. A total red face situation.

And then Paul began raising campaign money on the back of COVID misinformation designed to stir up the AR-15-armed crazies who want to “kill Fauci.” Oh boy. Red face, but now in anger.

When will our state’s citizens wake up to this nightmare in senator’s clothing?

Carole Boyd, Lexington

Baffling choice

I don’t get it. My wife and I have visited the great Commonwealth of Kentucky many times and have met the most wonderful and gracious people in the U.S.A. I wonder how such proud Americans could have elected a despicable person like Rand Paul to represent them. Why? Please explain it to me.

Saul Borak, Las Vegas

Meaningless vote

Problematic and partisan gerrymandering that boosts certain politicians and defeats others before a single vote is cast, may have a simple solution. We must all register as Independents, or Republicans here in Kentucky to thoroughly obscure and prevent the easy forecasting and control of voting outcomes. How maddening it is to pay taxes, consistently try to be informed of current events, obey the law, and vote, only to have that vote cast aside because the outcome has been finessed long before the polls close. “No taxation without representation” comes to mind. Tea, anyone?

Janice Russell, Lexington

Children costly

Pope Francis made a comment about millennials not having enough kids. Many millennials have decided they would rather baby their pets than real babies, and I don’t blame them. Look at our current situation here in the United States. Child care is insanely expensive, and millennials and Generation Zs don’t want anything to do with it. Many young adults graduate and look forward to futures filled with traveling, fun, and adventure. Being stuck at home taking care of kids is not their idea of a good time. Kids should be parents’ No. 1 priority, and unless the parents are financially blessed, the expense of having children sucks up the majority of parents’ fun money after the bills are paid. Many young adults grew up watching their moms and dads struggle financially, so their solution is to bypass the baby thing altogether. Their dogs and cats become their children, and pets are easier to care for than helpless and extremely needy little human beings. If people want millennials to have kids they need to make it more affordable by passing President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act. At least this way people won’t have to worry about the cost of child care.

Yolanda Averette, Lexington

Pigs sweet, sensitive

Word has it that Herald-Leader cartoonist Joel Pett revels in the public’s criticism of his cartoons — both the content and his sub-standard artistic skills. Apparently he believes himself to be the democratic lightning rod for change and wokeness. However, his recent cartoon may not say what he intended it to say.

In this cartoon, he is implying that Donald Trump is a pig who donated his heart to the GOP, referencing the first pig donor heart transplant. By calling Trump a pig, he is saying that Trump is a sentient being, loving, funny, and able to form close bonds. He is also saying that, for his species, he is a highly intelligent creature.

There are many references to pigs as dirty animals. (Pigs have no sweat glands which is why they cool themselves in puddles of water and mud). Perhaps this is to dull the conscience so we don’t have to acknowledge them being kept in tiny crates where they are unable to turn around, brutalized and inhumanely slaughtered so people can enjoy their bacon and chops.

Mr. Pett should root around for a better insult. And everyone should consider adopting a vegan lifestyle, for health and for the sake of intelligent, sweet, and loving animals.

Dorothy M. Kline, Lexington

Pett nails it

Kudos to Joel Pett and the Herald-Leader editors for producing and publishing a recent cartoon about the GOP and Donald Trump.

While I imagine some here in Kentucky will find this cartoon harsh and offensive it really sums up the political state of affairs we are now experiencing as a nation as the Republican Party dies at Donald’s hand. I’m from New Jersey and watched as Trump took Atlantic City from a beautiful tourist destination to a bankrupt mess while benefiting financially. It is sad to see that he is in the process of attempting to do the same nationally. All in the quest for power and money at a time when we really need leaders that care about humanity.

Erica Smith, Canada, Ky.

Come on, Mitch

So Sen. Mitch McConnell claims the Democrats are exploiting the anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Are we exploiting 9/11 or Dec. 7? The hypocrisy of that statement is jaw dropping. It should not have been. I expected him to make a ridiculous comment. Mitch McConnell is the king of hypocrites. Here’s a news flash, Mitch. Our country was attacked that day by a bunch of traitors who were inspired by the rhetoric of a man who could not and still cannot accept the fact that he lost a fair election. People died because of that attack, Mitch. To not commemorate that day is dishonoring the very people who risked their lives to save yours. Shame on him.

Catherine Ferguson, Lexington

Child protection bill

It will come as a surprise to many, but in Kentucky it is still possible for a police officer who has committed a sex crime against a child to remain in law enforcement. Granted, it is not as easy as it once was thanks to refinements in the law over the last couple of General Assembly sessions. A bill sponsored a few days ago (House Bill 206) appears to help close the loophole. Such a bill, if it becomes law, could be a small but important step towards further protecting Kentucky’s children. As folks who sexually offend against children are at risk to re-offend such proposed legislation deserves serious consideration.

I encourage people to contact their senator and representative and to ask them to take a close look at this issue. A copy of House Bill 206 and legislators’ contact information can be found at the Legislative Research Commission’s website.

Dr. David Raper, Summer Shade

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