Letters to the Editor: Readers debate masks, COVID and Accessory Dwelling Units

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So do it

Regarding the recent letters to the editor about people being upset over the lack of mask mandates from the legislators. No one in Kentucky has forced anyone to STOP wearing a mask, get vaccinated, or social distance from others. So all those readers should take matters into their own hands, get vaccinated, and wear a mask. If they believe that is the answer to COVID, then by all means they have that right. I’m more concerned about being killed by a distracted driver looking at their cell phone. How many have been killed because of that; I’m sure a student, teacher, mom, dad, and many others have. How many die from the flu, obesity, cancer from smoking, or second-hand smoke but no one cares to force change about this? Quit looking for reasons to blame a death on: Life and/or death is in God’s hands, not ours. Stay home and be a shut-in, wear a mask, get a vaccine, live a free life, take precautions you feel are necessary but let everyone else make their own choice.

Mark Elam, Louisville

Care issues

Most likely people know someone residing in a long-term care facility in Kentucky. Maybe it’s their grandmother, uncle, or next-door neighbor. But maybe they haven’t heard yet that their relatives and friends in long-term care possess certain rights under federal and state laws. Among them are rights to refuse restraints, to read and review medical records, and to participate in community activities.

Let’s hope everyone’s relatives and friends are happy and have no complaints. If some of them aren’t happy, however, there are some things people can do to help. Talk with the staff, for one. If that doesn’t seem to be working very well, people can also call the Kentucky long-term care ombudsman. The phone number can be found on the facility’s bulletin board. Anyone can call this ombudsman to relate concerns or just to ask questions.

I’m bringing up all this now, especially, because October is Long-Term Care Residents’ Rights month. Being a volunteer ombudsman myself, I enjoy my visits with residents of long-term care facilities and I’ve learned that families and friends want to know more about long-term care.

Tom Louderback, Louisville

ADU checks system

For several years Lexington has been debating allowing new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) back into the residential landscape.

I support the passage of a zoning ordinance that would allow ADUs to be safely and legally built in Lexington. My support of this ordinance is largely personal, as I am interested in converting my existing garage into a rental unit to help shore up my retirement income and allow me to live longer in my home.

While I think the ordinance is good, I also believe that non-compliant ADUs will proliferate. A system of registration, licensing, and inspection is imperative to ensure the safe and legal functioning of ADUs. Leaving the regulation of ADUs up to the current zoning compliance process is a recipe for failure.

The current zoning compliance process depends on neighbors reporting infractions. Even when complaints are filed, the Zoning Compliance unit does not have the appropriate power to inspect or require fixes.

A system of registration, licensing, and inspection is needed for all rental property in Lexington. I suggest that a regulatory system for ADUs could serve as a pilot project for the rest of Lexington’s rental landscape.

Ginny Daley, Lexington

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