Letters to the editor: Regulation needed to curb gun violence; crime-fighting cameras

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Thousands dead by gun violence already

About 121 people die by gun violence in America each day. The running total is updated so often there is no time to breathe, but between Jan. 1 and May 18 there were 16,372 deaths by gun violence [including 9,108 suicides], according to Gun Violence Archive.

To put that into perspective, the United Nations says there have been 3,778 civilian deaths in Ukraine since the bombing and artillery started. Consider: More than 16,000 deaths in the U.S., which is at peace, versus nearly 4,000 deaths in Ukraine, which is being flattened.

The courts and far-right politicians have made it as easy for individuals to lay hands on rapid-fire guns and ammunition as it is to buy a loaf of bread, in the guise of keeping a constitutional “well-regulated militia.”

Recent shootings have been rightly blamed on crime and racism. But the fact is our militia needs substantial new regulation. At current rates, the U.S will have more than 40,000 deaths by gun violence in 2022. If a Russian invasion of the U.S. produced that carnage we’d be in a panic.

So why aren’t we?

Jeff Davis, Akron

Why not flock to crime-fighting cameras?

Regarding the May 11 article “Akron joining camera network,” who could argue against the Flock system, other than those with criminal intent? How can you object to technology that can identify “a group of scammers accused of stealing more than $100,000 from another retail chain”? Who pays for stolen merchandise? We, the people.

The “new technology has helped track down murder suspects, missing persons.” Ask those who have been affected by these situations if they agree with implementing the Flock technology.

It is a shame that this technology was not considered when Ohio decided to eliminate the front license plate.

Personal freedom(s)? Yes — under the law.

Robin Reid, Fairlawn

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