Letters to the editor for Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Hurricane's homeless need relief now

Almost four months since Hurricane Ian devastated our communities, I open the Wall Street Journal to the headline "Months After Ian, Many in Fort Myers Still Live in Tents." I feel ashamed and outraged in equal measure.

In the same article, I read our governor, who pledged to provide trailers urgently when he toured Fort Myers Beach with the president, quoted saying, "We've got probably a couple thousand people that could use trailers right now."

I've also read in this newspaper, people from FEMA and state aid agencies complaining about how they have to get permitting, coding, utility hook-ups .... on and on with how hard it is.

So, here's a helping of cold, hard truth for everyone involved in this shambles of incompetence and excuses.

People are living in tents four months after their homes were washed away.

You have failed them and are failing them daily.

FEMA: I don't care if it's difficult. It's your job. Find a way to make it happen or stand aside and let someone competent sort it out.

Governor: Stop wasting money on anti-woke stunts and legal ploys and go out and buy some trailers. Today.

Mr. President: don't visit Fort Myers Beach, make promises for the news cycle then fly home.  Get trailers here, right now.  Sign an Executive Order if you need to.

Finally, this situation should be a Page 1 story on this newspaper and every local newspaper every day until it is resolved.

This situation is a disgrace and a humanitarian catastrophe, right here in our backyard.  After the debacle of Katrina, who would think we would witness this level of incompetence again in the world's leading economy?

The homeless people of Fort Myers Beach deserve our help and our sustained attention to their plight.

But for the grace of God, this could be you.

Greig McCallum, Naples

Truth sacrificed in speaker selection

Many countries around the world envy our form of democracy and wish that they could duplicate our freedoms without repercussions or retaliation. In reality we have two sets of constitutional freedoms -- one for the rich and one for the non-rich who can't afford the legal expense to assiduously defend themselves.

We have thousands of reporters in the TV and print media providing daily news events and offering opinions together with guest academicians and eminent scholars. Some are slanted and biased, others are pointedly political. And from this mixed bag of resource, we formulate our own independent opinions (except for cult worshippers). So, in essence, we are jurors listening, agreeing or disagreeing to preconceived testimony.

In the recent circus of the Republican Party's obsequious attempts to elect a speaker of the House, integrity, character, principles, ethics took a back seat to lies, liars, cowards and lackeys. How can we act as national jurors under these circumstances when there is no truthful substance from any of the candidates either as individuals or politicians? The corrupt rich got 15 chances to win, the non-rich would have gotten a mistrial.

Leo Boghosian, Bonita Springs

Any consequences for inflated resume?

Will the Democratic leadership let me remain in Congress and even appoint me to committees if I run as a Democrat and am elected with the following credentials:  Nobel Prize for Literature, Presidential Medal for discovering a cure for cancer,  Pulitzer Prize for Playwriting,  legitimate father of King Charles, and  heir to Bill Gates fortune, which I have pledged to donate to the Treasury to balance the budget.  On the other hand, maybe I should run as a Republican?

Robert Hilliard, Sanibel

Dystopian dizziness in Congress

"Letters to the Editor" are, by their very nature, opinion pieces. Opinions are most relevant when they are supported by at least some level of fact.

There are several serial letter writers to the News-Press that relish bashing Biden and demonizing Democrats. Examples abound such as, "...the worst president in the history of the USA (January 18)," "...Biden family...bunch of crooks (January 8)."  Opinions that, at best, are unfounded and, at worst, delusional.

It's a direct line from this mode of thinking to the new Republican House majority. Key House Committees will have membership staffed by the likes of Greene, Perry, Boebert and Gosar.  What they lack in intellectual depth and moral integrity, they will make up for in baseless, righteous outrage, as they attack the foundations of the U.S. federal justice system and everyone and everything associated with it. The nation will be reminded of the worst elements of the Trump administration. If one prefers chaos to competency, psychosis to sanity, and delusion to due diligence, you will get your wish.

The dystopian dizziness of the House of Representatives will be at the top of the daily news cycle and only relegated to the back page when the nation's nuclear codes are uncovered in the golf bag of the current resident of Mar-a-Lago.

Manny Cacciola, Fort Myers

Biden's comments

Wednesday's News-Press contains a story by the Associated Press revolving around the discovery of classified documents in the homes of three high officials.  In the section devoted to comments by the responsible parties, there is a glaring omission:  President Biden has stated that he "...has no regrets" concerning his mishandling of classified material, and that "...there's no THERE, there."  It might be educational for those of your readers who don't regularly tune in a fair and balanced network to know that he made these comments.  They make quite a contrast to the pronouncements of the other two individuals.  Just sayin'....

Dave Bridgeman, Alva

Let's have competitive primaries

Why should a presidential candidate be selected in an authoritarian way? Our democracy should not be given the choice of two unpopular, very old, male candidates. True democracy would be best served by having competitive primaries. Neither former Trump nor President Biden has the overwhelming mandate of the voters, yet it is very possible for each man to be the candidate of his party. Just because these men declare they are running for president should not guarantee the support of their parties. If these men loved democracy, they would support truly "free and fair elections.”

Rochelle Fogg, Naples

Left wants to wipe out our history

I was traveling and with a few minutes to spare I turned on TVLand, a cable TV station. A commercial came on and then a black screen appeared at the beginning of "Bonanza." If you are too young, it was a popular cowboy show, kinda like "Yellowstone." There’s was a caution stating “this program contains cultural depictions that are outdated." What?Now "Bonanza" was among the longest running TV shows ever and depicted a family in Nevada living on a ranch. This was a late 1950’s and into the 1960’s. Not going to explain but it was a Western.What got me was if you tuned into this show today. First, this is not "Blazing Saddles" or any other Mel Brooks comedy. Second, it’s kinda boring in today's world, and third, it was the late 50’s. Family entertainment. Watched by millions. But somewhere in the woke minds of TVLand owners, a warning needs to be issued to viewers about dangerous visions, characters, and language. Danger Will Robinson, danger.Anger rises when someone appropriates another culture. So, Bonanza must be cleansed. Along with statues, books and movies, we are judged on 1860’s actions using 21st Century morals. We can no longer enjoy any entertainment because in today's world, it’s wrong.The left is like the Huns, the Barbarians, the Vikings, the Chinese, and other hoards, who upon conquering other civilizations, they destroy churches, museums, holy grounds and more. The intent is to wipe out all historical remnants and remake society in their new image. Sounds familiar?History is written by winners. Let’s not lose who we are because the left wants to wipe out our history.

Jack Holt, Cape Coral

Your vote more important than ever

It is amazing how Republicans will sell their souls to be leaders. Bankrupt of the true meaning of right and wrong. Void of their oath to we the people. This is not just a game of kings winning at chess but our lives and safety.

The recent nominations to our country's House committees of people who should not ever represent our country much less be out on the street is appalling. The disrespect to women and races is unacceptable in 2023. The snubbing of law, common sense and the vitriol of hate and cat calling is arrogant and very un-American.

Mr. McCarthy, this was your time to show some sense of morals and you buckled under and failed.

This is now the time for all women and races and minorities to come together and never miss the opportunity to vote. This is more important than ever. Vote for people who can talk about their plan for us, not their egos. Take this warning seriously. Love louder every day for everyone. Peace out.

Christianne Murphy, Golden Gate

Questions that need answers

Here are some questions that need answers:1. Why did it take over two months to make public the classified documents issue with Biden?2. Why did Biden report the discovery of classified documents to the National Archives and not the DOJ?3. Why was it the National Archives who notified the DOJ and not Biden?4. Who were the people in the Biden administration who actually discovered the classified documents?5. Did these people have clearance to see classified documents?6. Why don't we have pictures of the classified documents spread out on the floor as we did with Trump?7. Why does the DOJ continue to allow the Biden personnel to select out documents that they say are classified?8. How do we know that they have truly given the DOJ all of the classified documents? Didn't the DOJ learn anything when Hillary destroyed 30,000 emails?9. There have been at least three locations where classified documents have been discovered. Why is the DOJ not raiding all of Biden's various houses and offices and taking all documents like they did with Trump at Mar-a-Lago?10. Why are they not going through Jill's drawer like they did to Melania?11. When the special counsel was announced on Nov. 18 for Trump's classified documents issue, why didn't AG Garland tell us that Biden also had classified documents?12. Why has AG Garland refused to answer questions?

Ron Wobbeking, Naples

This article originally appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: Letters to the editor for Sunday, January 29, 2023