Letters to the Editor: Why Michael Franken deserves to be heard

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Why Michael Franken deserves to be heard

Admiral Michael Franken of Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa spoke recently at a public event in Mount Pleasant. He is a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate. If elected in the June 7 primary, he will challenge Sen. Grassley in the fall.

United States Senators, while representing the citizens in their home state, are often asked to take the stage on national and international issues. Wise, seasoned leadership and a strong foundation in public policy are critical to the job.

With this as my chief concern, I am all in for Michael Franken.

It seems there is not much we Iowans agree on these days but we do agree that when one of our sons or daughters dedicates a career to the armed forces of our country and then wishes to further serve through elective office, they deserve to be heard.

Franken, the youngest of nine children, his father a machinist and mother a teacher, left his rural Iowa home at age 22 to join the Navy and as they say to, "See the World." That he has — every corner of the glove as captain of ships, commodore of a destroyer squadron and commander of joint forces as far off as the Indian Ocean.

Franken, 64, held many varied leadership positions with the Navy and Defense Department in our nation's capital. Beginning in 2015, he headed the POW?MIA Accounting Agency. This Defense Department agency is responsible for locating and properly caring for the remains of our veterans of foreign wars.

Retired in 2017 from duty as a three-star admiral after 38 years of service, one can only imagine the scope and depth of Franken's experience. Iowa and America need the wisdom from seasoned leaders.

Franken's candidacy comes at a time when world crisis weighs heavily on our country. Should Michael Franken be elected in November, he will be the highest ranking military officer ever elected in the history of the United States Senate. He deserves to be heard.

David Helman, Salem

Safe and snug

I am safe, snug with the comics here in Mayberry.

I never read Dilbert, Non Sequitur, and Doonesbury.

Do I need a therapist? I heard that therapy for everything is now trendy.

Dennis Caulfield, Burlington

What's next for Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds?

Iowa's governor Kimmie, in her child-like voice, described the effects of Republicans' actions as opposed to actions Democrats have taken to aid the middle class. She has contributed to both the demise of Iowa's medical system and public education. I presumer her last grandstand tactic will be to stage a public book burning.

Dean Vickstrom, Burlington

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