Letters to the Editor: Why is the Trump administration working so hard to deport immigrant children?

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Karla Salazar, right, and Ellen Leonard on Tuesday joined nearly 100 demonstrators at the naval base in Port Hueneme, where hundreds of immigrant children are being housed.
Protesters in July 2018 at the naval base in Port Hueneme, where hundreds of immigrant children were being housed. (Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: The appalling actions taken by the Trump administration against immigrant children is incomprehensible and is the clearest reflection of its moral decay. ("Under Trump policy, U.S. plays custody keep-away with migrant children," May 18)

Trump and his allies have claimed again and again that they welcome immigrants who enter the country legally, yet while lawyers and sponsors struggle to follow the rules, our government moves these children from place to place without warning, will not disclose their whereabouts, and fast-tracks deportations to places so dangerous that they were willing to walk thousands of miles to escape them.

This is not rational or fair and cannot be explained away. It is a crime against humanity.

Daniel Walker, Arcadia


To the editor: Compassion is yet another presidential quality that is missing in our current president.

A teenage girl from Guatemala who has entered this country illegally is arrested, moved from place to place and not allowed to meet with her lawyer. Her brother, who lives in the United States, has offered to sponsor her, but before that can be arranged, she is sent back alone to Guatemala.

How unforgivably cruel!

Ann Edelman, Woodland Hills

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