Your letters: Facts, not talking points, about CO2 pipeline; Biden's biggest mistake

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Facts about CO2 pipeline shouldn't be talking points

I am writing in response to Rep. Charlie Hoffman's guest editorial. In particular, I call into question his statement, "Facts do matter as I have personally witnessed untruths being spread by certain groups on the scientific scope of this operation."

I have been at every informational meeting that I could find on Summit Carbon Solution's proposed pipeline, and I have not seen the representative at any of them. My question is where and when did you personally witness these untruths? The only meeting that I am aware of you attending was the recent, not-publicized presentation that Summit made to the Legislature's Senate Commerce and Energy Committee. Any untruths you may have heard there would have been from Summit Carbon Solutions as they were the only ones allowed to present information.

Additionally, your letter was little more than Summit talking points rearranged into your own style.

Facts do matter, Rep. Hoffman! And the fact is that families, landowners and businesspeople in your district and around South Dakota have serious concerns about this high-pressure pipeline that will transport hazardous liquid carbon dioxide in close proximity to homes and farms. If Summit Carbon Solutions wants to use their big investors' money to pipe CO2 from mostly out-of-state ethanol plants, they should promote their own talking points. We count on you, Rep. Hoffman, to represent us -- the members of your district! Listen to our concerns, ask the tough questions and stop shamelessly promoting their project.

Burce Mack, Leola

Biden's biggest mistake

Joe Biden's biggest mistake was thinking that honesty, integrity, compassion and rationality could get through to the American people and unite them in pursuit of a better country than he inherited from a corrupt and evil administration.

Biden failed to realize that Donald Trump supporters have no interest in truth or justice and will only listen to the stream of lies spewed out by FOX "news" and other right-wing outlets. He should have come out swinging and recognized the Republican Party as the enemy of democracy that it is. He should have fired every Trump appointee immediately and declared war on those out to destroy everything this country once stood for.

But he didn't. He tried to play the nice guy. Didn't work and won't work.

Terry Painter, Rapid City

This article originally appeared on Watertown Public Opinion: Letters to the editor about carbon dioxide pipelines, Joe Biden

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