Letters: Filibuster 'poison pill' that will destroy civilization. Gibbons does not know patriotism.

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Filibuster will destroy human civilization

Should history have a future, it will record that the use of the filibuster by the United States Senate was the poison pill that extinguished our species’ greatest attempt at transcending Nature’s primal inertia of natural selection through the fragile social compact that was the American experiment in self-governance.

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Humanity’s cemetery of civilizations has a newly acquired addition. Upon its headstone, its epitaph: "Here Lies Earth’s Last Best Hope."

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Upon this tiniest of celestial orbs in the grand sweep of Nature’s motion through time and space, America’s experiment in self-governance will be sadly remembered as the most pitifully horrendous waste of our wondrous species’ time, energy and sacrifice. Oh, that it was never thus!

Steve Soble, Hilliard

Redistricting committee should work for the good of all Ohioans

The Ohio Supreme Court has spoken clearly, directing the Ohio Redistricting Commission to redraw districts impacting elections for both state and federal offices.

The Ohio Supreme Court has done the right thing, holding the redistricting commission to what the Ohio Constitution says and over 70% of Ohio citizens voted for.

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Now is the time for members of the commission to do the right thing, especially our three statewide officeholders, Gov. Mike DeWine, Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Ohio Auditor of State Keith Faber.

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After all, they are sworn to uphold the Ohio Constitution and work toward the common good for all the citizens of Ohio, not the whims of any political party or interest group.

If the job feels too difficult or treacherous for these three, they could simply pick one of the citizen-drawn maps that do comply with the requirements.

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Get the job done and do it right.

Sue Foley, Columbus


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Personal desires can not be most important things during COVID-19 fight

I was impressed with the opinion expressed by Dale Lykins recently on America’s failure on COVID. He summed up my thoughts and feelings on the issues confronting the U.S. today.

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As a nation, we seem to have decided that anyone and anything other than our own personal desires are unimportant and irrelevant.

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I am very glad my father, a WWII vet and true patriot, is not alive today to see the direction his beloved country has taken.

Terri Bierdeman, Columbus

City giving tax abatements for high-priced new builds that bear little risk for developers

I’m writing to echo the points made in the Jan. 9 letter, “‘Parcel of rogues’ responsible for inequity in property taxes.”

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I’m a resident of Schumacher Place and have lived in my house for 40 years. Last year, I obtained permits and constructed a new roofed patio. Not long after it was completed, I got a letter from the auditor informing me that my property taxes were going up because I had improved my property.

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Meanwhile, two blocks away, two new $650,000 condos are for sale and the listing says they are 100% tax-abated. What is wrong with this picture?

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Like Victorian Village, the city has told Schumacher Place that the neighborhood no longer needs tax abatements. Yet they continue for high-priced new builds that bear little risk for the developers.

Gary Stuhlfauth, Columbus

Does Mike Gibbons know the meaning of patriotism?

Mike Gibbons, who would like to be one of Ohio's U.S. senators, makes much of having played football. Does he believe that playing football is equivalent to serving in the Armed Forces? If this is the case, I question his values and patriotism.

Cleveland businessman Mike Gibbons is taking another shot at U.S. Senate.
Cleveland businessman Mike Gibbons is taking another shot at U.S. Senate.

Dave Nickey, Columbus

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