Letters: KC readers discuss abortion rights, a misleading COVID-19 column and Chiefs haters

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Give support

I believe that abortion is wrong, but I do not judge anyone who has had one or performed one. I realize some people favor legislation allowing abortions while hoping the mother chooses life. They want abortion to be legal but hope it does not happen.

There are also those of us who want abortions banned because we believe every child should have the right to live.

Whichever camp you are in, I encourage you to donate your time and/or money to the crisis pregnancy center of your choice. You just might make the difference between someone living or dying. You might just save a life.

If you are pregnant and need help, you can look up crisis pregnancy centers in your area.

Jesus loves you.

- Laura Buller, Council Grove, Kansas

COVID-19 reality

I had concerns while reading Cynthia M. Allen’s Jan. 21 column “As COVID rises across the US, pandemic life is better in Texas.” (9A) In several instances, the piece presents selective data as comprehensive outcomes and opinion as documented fact.

COVID-19 death rates may be higher in New York than in Texas or Florida now, but three to four months ago, they were much higher in Texas and Florida than in New York, the District of Columbia or California, as was true for new COVID-19 cases. Cumulative death rates for California, the District of Columbia and New York state are lower than in Florida or Texas. As all these areas have skyrocketing new case rates now, it would be inappropriate for anyone to pat themselves on the back. In one month or at another point in the future, the rates might change yet again.

It is Allen’s opinion, not fact, that virus mitigation efforts are no longer effective. Infectious disease experts and actual validated data strongly support the effectiveness of vaccines, masking and other preventative measures.

Rather than blaming “leaky” vaccines, it would be appropriate to attribute ongoing resistance to vaccination and mitigation efforts as likely causes of virus mutation and ongoing community spread. Chastising President Joe Biden for failure to control the virus when the recommendations of his experts have not been followed by a large portion of the public is disingenuous.

Allowing the virus to persist and incubate in the community because of delayed and submaximal vaccinations provides ideal culture medium for ongoing mutation of the organism, as does ignoring preventative measure to limit ongoing dissemination.

Blaming staff shortages in hospitals and schools on quarantines that keep mildly ill people out of the workplace ignores the reality that these individuals, as well as those who are asymptomatic but infected, can spread the disease to others, who may be more vulnerable to severe or even fatal infections.

How did we as a nation develop such callous lack of concern for our fellow citizens?

It is surely Allen’s opinion, rather than fact, that the quality of life in her locale is superior to that in other regions, and that any such advantage may be due to ignoring lifesaving public health measures, which are embraced in other states.

An alternative opinion might be that certain states underreport COVID-19 statistics for political motivations, biasing the data available for appropriate statistical analysis.

Americans are getting very ill with COVID-19 nationwide. Many states have overtaxed health care systems, and the long-term implications of even mild cases are unknown. As a public health measure, and as a demonstration of concern for our fellow Americans, should we not be willing to do all we can to limit the spread and continuation of the pandemic?

Our response to this grave national challenge should be one of promoting the common good, even if it results in personal sacrifice.

- James Vacek, professor emeritus, University of Kansas School of Medicine, Olathe

More do-overs?

I hear there is talk among Chiefs haters and disgruntled Buffalo fans that the rules should be changed now that their team has lost. Sounds a lot like members of a certain political party who still refuse to accept that they lost and who are changing the rules right now to ensure they will not lose again.

- Eddie Clay, Grandview

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