Letters: KC readers discuss ‘accidental’ police shooting, bipartisanship, DMV waits

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No accident

I read, with sadness, the report Tuesday about the most recent fatal encounter between police and a Black man in Minnesota. (1A, “Minn. police: Officer meant to use Taser in fatal shooting of Black man”) The report quoted the chief of police as saying the shooting was an “accidental discharge” and the officer in question was “very senior.”

I served in our Army for 30 years. There is no such thing as an accidental discharge of a firearm. This is negligence.

- Kevin Benson, Lansing

Mix it up

In her Monday column, “Joe Manchin is what you want to see in him, and that’s good” (7A), Kathleen Parker discussed the frustrations both parties have with Sen. Joe Manchin.

In my opinion, we have a two-party system with extreme liberals (Democrats) and extreme conservatives (Republicans) in which neither will agree to the other’s ideas. Manchin, a Democrat, supported keeping the filibuster while Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican, voted to impeach Donald Trump — both opposite of their parties’ desires. This took a lot of courage for both senators.

The suggestion of a Romney-Manchin presidential ticket makes a lot of sense. The Constitution doesn’t prohibit it. Maybe they would provide a more sane approach to governing this country and work along bipartisan lines. Also, moderates and independents would be more inclined to vote for this ticket.

A final thought: They could flip a coin to determine who would be president. I could provide the coin.

- Kent Mitchell, Lenexa

Mask selfishness

So, Johnson County Commissioner Charlotte O’Hara cannot wear a mask because of her tinnitus, a condition very difficult to diagnose. (April 11, 6A, “Judge dismisses Johnson County official’s lawsuit against school district over mask”) Please explain how wearing a mask affects tinnitus.

She stated she wanted to stop being “bullied.” Perhaps she should show respect for the medical guidelines put in place to protect our community. O’Hara was simply grandstanding to continue to put her beliefs above the greater good of public health — a very sad and selfish display.

- Barbara Nichols, Leawood

Let’s pick it up

Recent letters to the editor have bemoaned all the litter we see along our major highways. Living in the Blue Springs and Independence area, I’m surprised to see so much trash, too. It’s along the sides of the roads, around businesses and even in people’s yards. One reason it surprises me is that we should all be taking better care of our world, especially with climate change.

I never see anyone littering. Who is it and when do they do it? When I was younger and worked at a grocery store, my boss had me pick up trash first thing every morning. I’d like to see businesses start doing this again. I don’t mind picking up trash, as long as it’s safe and not too close to a road.

Just think, if we all pitched in (and don’t litter anymore, whoever you are), we could have prettier cities and take pride in where we live.

- Renee McCormick, Independence

Schedule us in

I recently attempted a routine task at the driver license bureau. I visited three locations starting at 11 a.m., and at each, I was given a predicted wait time longer than the business day.

Please, allow people to set up appointments. It would reduce the number of people waiting around. That would be COVID-19 friendly as well as more efficient.

- John Taylor, Kansas City