Letters: KC readers discuss DOJ police probe, Simone Biles and K-State’s Big 12 woes

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Not the problem

Now there’s a call for the Department of Justice to investigate the Kansas City Police Department. (July 28, 10A, “If the feds look, they’ll find many civil rights violations by Kansas City police”) Phooey. It isn’t the police department that’s violent — it’s the criminals. It’s the people who get out on the street with so-called “peaceful” protests and then loot, commit arson and, yes, even hurt others.

Mayor, the police are not there to prevent crime. They are to uphold the laws. Maybe you and the City Council need to start working on other things to improve Kansas City.

To the so-called activists, here’s an idea: Why don’t you do a ride-along with a cop? If you don’t trust the cops, spend time with them and see what a regular night is like.

I’d like to see Mayor Quinton Lucas, some of the ministers and Urban League of Greater Kansas City CEO Gwen Grant ride with a cop. Good luck to you. Be sure to wear a bulletproof vest and a camera. Talk is cheap.

- Donna Cox, Kansas City

Lend your support

We’ve seen a lot of news the last few days about Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka, and I am so grateful and proud of them for having the courage to speak their truth. (July 29, 1B, “Chiefs prioritize mental health as Biles withdraws from Olympics all-around”) It came at a personal and very public cost to them, especially with the unjust stigma that is attached to mental illness.

But I would like to add something: It should not take a celebrity for us to speak up or show our support when it comes to this disease, because we probably all know someone who lives with a mental illness — some of which are very serious. And since it’s most often an incurable, chronic disease, it will revisit them from time to time.

All I ask is that we recognize that, be there for those suffering, be patient with them and listen to them. Acknowledge their feelings, fear and pain and show them the level of support, understanding and compassion that Simone and Naomi are receiving.

Finally, if someone needs more help or support than you think you can give, don’t hesitate to find someone who can.

- Traci Frerichs, Overland Park

What you sow

A noble part of me is watching with great amusement the precarious position where the remaining Big 12 members, and Kansas State University in specific, find themselves. (July 28, 3A, “Seismic athletic move by Oklahoma, Texas rattles political field in Kansas”)

Former K-State President Jon Wefald wrote gleefully how he tried to damage Nebraska when the Big 12 was formed and gave Texas carte blanche. How’s that working out, Jon?

To be fair, I don’t believe his efforts had much to do with current issues at Nebraska. Those are mostly self-inflicted. But the fact he felt inclined to take such actions leaves me with one word: karma.

- Mike Dohmen, Hickman, Nebraska

A bright spot

Many thanks to the person in front of me at the Wendy’s drive-thru on North Oak Traffickway who bought my lunch Tuesday. You made a crummy day absolutely wonderful.

I was so touched by your generosity. I will pay it forward, and I encourage everyone else to reach out and perform a kind act for a stranger.

I wish I could have thanked you in person, but you took off before I realized what was happening.

- Nancy Bellis, Kansas City

Won’t settle it

When I read in Jennifer Rubin’s July 27 column “Kinzinger and Cheney serving on the Jan. 6 committee matters” (7A) that she includes Rep. Adam Schiff in a group she describes as “serious-minded, patriotic and intellectually impressive,” I’m convinced more than ever the chasm between left and right is insurmountable.

- David Baehr, Overland Park

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