Letters: More Democrats needed to solve problems; abortion shouldn't be political

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More Democrats needed to thwart GOP

One step forward then two steps back must be the motto of our Supreme Court. Reversing Roe v. Wade, striking down New York’s gun law and now tying the hands of the Environmental Protection Agency to fight global warming.

If ever there was a reason to put term limits on our out-of-touch justices, this is it. It’s obvious they vote the way their political party wants them to. We need to change how judges are appointed to the Supreme Court; they should not be appointed by the president in power — just remember how Donald Trump weaseled in his third judge.

The filibuster is another outdated political tool; do away with it and our politicians could pass some good legislation like abortion rights and global warming fixes.

Politicians need to quit fighting with each other and remember that they work for the people of this country — all the people of all races and religions.

Guns and restrictions on abortion rights, voting and now, LGBTQ rights, all put through by Republicans.

We need all eligible voters to get out and vote. Women, young adults and seniors alike need to vote. We need more Democrats in office to break the Republican hold on our state and federal legislative bodies. Every vote counts; do not let the status quo continue — do not put politicians in office who work for big businesses, the rich and special interest groups like the National Rifle Association.

It’s time to take our country back. Put Tim Ryan in the Senate and Nan Whaley in the governor's office.

John C. Stouffer Jr., Akron

Women's decisions should not be politicized

I believe abortion should never have become a political issue. Neither politicians nor clergy persons have a right to interfere in a woman's reproductive decisions. Those decisions must remain between a woman and her medical provider.

We overlook the fact that pregnancy can be dangerous. Depending on her overall health and circumstance, a woman can die in childbirth. The editorial from the Dallas Morning News printed in the Beacon Journal Aug. 4 ("Abortion law has made miscarriages dangerous") clearly made that point.

First, miscarriages are very common. Most occur before a woman even suspects she is pregnant. Second, the longer the pregnancy continues, the more dangerous the effects of a miscarriage can be. Third, immediate medical care is absolutely necessary. The remains of a dead embryo/fetus have to be expelled from her body in order to protect her from later reproductive problems or even death.

Regardless of whether one considers himself or herself pro-choice or pro-life, no one wants women to die from any reproductive complications or childbirth. Our country's statistics in that area are dismal as it is. We need to do whatever we have to do to remove the power politicians are claiming over women's decisions.

Frances G. Scalise, Akron

This article originally appeared on Akron Beacon Journal: Supreme Court problems highlight need for more Democrats