Letters: Pocono Record readers react to Roe v. Wade overturn

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Pocono Record readers are making their voices heard on the recent Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade. Read on for their opinions. Want to participate in the conversation? Send letters to editor Ashley Fontones at afontones@poconorecord.com. Inflammatory language and hate-speech will not be accepted.

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Biden wants to distract from real issues

Biden’s politics are that anything goes to distract from the real issues. What real problems — inflation, energy costs, lack of baby formula, high crime, illegal southern border crossings, the opiate invasion, defunding the police, the Ukraine War, etc. The Democrats focus on other issues, such as the recent SCOTUS decision on abortion.

They mislead by conveniently forgetting that abortion is now controlled by the voters in each state. Their rhetoric before and after that SCOTUS decision has been nothing less than inflammatory. Biden and Democratic politicians disregarded our protection law for judges, allowing protests at the SCOTUS homes and leading to a SCOTUS assassination attempt.

The Democrats still disregard judges’ orders about the handling of illegals on our southern border. Biden still allows flights of illegals into cities around our nation. It seems many Democratic politicians do not believe in our laws and the rule of order.

Robert Pohlman, East Stroudsburg

We can't go backwards

As we celebrate our country’s birthday I think of our elected officials. Some of them want to go backwards and some truly advocate for justice for all, as our Constitution intends. And this must be justice in modern terms, as our country evolves, grows and continues to strive for a more perfect union.

We must not go back to a time when women were not afforded equal rights, especially the right to control their reproductive lives.

Representative Susan Wild (PA-7) deserves another term and I urge everyone in her district to support her now and vote for her in November. She will be standing up for us in every way.

Lois Heckman, Saylorsburg

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