Letters: School choice is freedom, democracy in action

Jason Critchlow seems to have his chickens and eggs mixed up (Viewpoint, Feb. 5). Public schools are not failing because parents are sending their kids to charter/private/Catholic schools. Just the opposite. Parents are sending their kids to private schools because public schools are failing.

Perhaps the school boards should act more like a business that is rapidly losing market share, and ask themselves hard questions about what they need to do to improve, if they want to stop the exodus.

You would think Critchlow and the Democratic Party would be overjoyed to let parents make the very important choice of where to send their children to school. And, due to the new universal school choice laws, that the party (that claims to represent those with lower incomes and the working class) would be thrilled that all families can now make that choice, which previously they could not, because they could not afford it.

Alas, no.

Fortunately, it does not matter what I or Critchlow think. Each family now gets to make their own choice on where to send their children to school. To me, that is freedom and democracy in action.

Mark Rolfes

South Bend


I’m thankful for Lori Camp's brave decision to challenge Republican Congressman Rudy Yakym III. As Jack Colwell notes (Tribune, Feb. 18), her chances of winning are slim. But Yakym needs a challenge. In most cases, he's blindly followed party leadership, including House Speaker Mike Johnson’s move to recess the House without supporting our ally Ukraine. He moaned about “chaos at the border,” but opposed the bipartisan Senate bill to strengthen border security. But on three occasions, he’s broken with party leadership and voted for government shutdowns.

Camp will run a largely positive campaign, focusing on health care, a compassionate and secure approach to immigration and building and sustaining the middle class. But it’s also important to expose Yakym as the reactionary he is. In 2022, voters knew nothing about him, except that he was endorsed by the late Jackie Walorski’s husband. He kept it that way, ducking debates and staying mum on the issues. He has a record now, and it’s not an enviable one.

Camp won’t hide her views or turn down a chance to debate the issues. When Hoosiers get to know Lori Camp, Rudy Yakym might not be so unbeatable.

Stephen Wylder


If you don't know ...

NATO has been the force that has kept the globe secure from another world war for the past 80 years. People who don't get that need to bone up on history and geopolitics.

Isolationism is a fantasy in the modern world. Let the Ukraine fall, and wait for Poland to be next. Pretend none of this is none of our business, and pay the price in 5-10 years by sending our young people to fight a war in Europe as Putin expands his reach.

Who are you? What are you for, Americans? Are you really wanting to spit upon the sacrifices our Greatest Generation made to free the world from despots, authoritarianism and dictators?

What is the end game of these House members who are disallowing our allies the aid to defend themselves? There can be no good that will come of that for you, for me or our future generations. None.

Michel Dasse

Benton Harbor

This article originally appeared on South Bend Tribune: Letter writers on school choice, wildlife protection and NATO.