Is Le'Veon Bell's ceiling beginning to crumble?

Liz Loza and Scott Pianowski debate if it's time to drop Le'veon Bell after 3 low-impact performances with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: People have asked me questions about Le'Veon Bell. I think he's droppable in a lot of formats. It's obviously contextual. I don't think he's a mandatory insurance for CEH right now, and I don't think they have much for Bell to do.

He'll occasionally dip into value, maybe get double-digit targets now and then. But right now, to me, he's not a must-roster. I can see dropping him in medium and deeper formats.

LIZ LOZA: That's an interesting take, and I will say it is anti-consensus. I also was not as faithful about Bell's ceiling, even in-- even attached to Patrick Mahomes and in this field stretching offense. Because I felt like CEH is the better star and the better player, with the fresher legs.

And also, he's the first more recent first-round pedigree. But I also feel like Le'Veon Bell was added for insurance more than for-- this is like one of those moments where you have to-- I wish I had known the contact points. Like, I wish I had been a fly on the negotiating wall or known his agent.

Because is this Le'Veon Bell, who has consistently been about money, let's be honest, not that he doesn't deserve it, he is a business person, that business is about money often, right, is this about Bell retreating from that a little bit? And after a toxic number of years and numerous now locker rooms, not just the Jets, maybe saying, I just want to win.

Like, I just-- I don't want the drama, I'm tired of it. So I don't need to be fed. I'm a different changed person. And, you know, you see him rotating in on every other series, every couple of series. But Clyde Edwards-Helaire, I think, we can very safely say is now the team's RB1. And the fact that he was active in the red area of the field and did find the touchdown, albeit through the air, is even more momentum leaning in his direction.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Right, if you'd owned CEH, when they got Bell, you got nervous, and then CEH had a huge game against Buffalo. And Bell's been pretty ordinary for three games now. You know, I thought the revenge game was going to happen against the Jets, that didn't happen, he broke off a couple big runs in the Denver game.

But, I mean, he's just a backup right now. So if I own CEH, he's a easy every week starter. Yeah, it's a lower end RB1, maybe even a high end RB2, but if you have running backs that you can play every week without having to go through deep analysis, that's a really good thing. And I think CEH belongs in that folder right now.