Levi's Stadium vaccination site breaks record as eligibility expands

Officials say appointments jumped to 12,000 on Thursday. They added 15,000 appointments can be made, daily.

Video Transcript

- In the South Bay, crowds are back at Levi's stadium. Of course, nowhere close to game day levels. But ABC 7 news reporter Amanda del Castillo shows us the site was bustling with thousands throughout the day eager to receive their vaccine.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: A major milestone for Santa Clara County. On Thursday, Levi's stadium tweeting, "yesterday, we broke the record for most vaccinations administered at a single site in California." The county says 10,000 appointments were made.

CINDY CHAVEZ: I think what it signals is that we're getting close to helping everybody get across the finish line.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: County supervisor Cindy Chavez said appointments jumped to 12,000 on Thursday. Adding at the site 15,000, people can be seen daily.

CINDY CHAVEZ: It's one of the few places that we have with that many people through. You know, thousands and thousands of people know this, they feel comfortable and safe there.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: Sky7 captured the crowd of thousands outside Levi's stadium Thursday afternoon. All social distancing. For some, the lines were reminiscent of a theme park a pre-pandemic.

AGUSTIN GONZALEZ: The lines were moving quicker than Disneyland so I'd rather be here than waiting in line at Disneyland.

VANDANA PRABHU: I think they've had amazing organization, and we just walked and walked and got my daily steps in.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: While the day marked California's expanded eligibility to people 16 and over, Santa Clara County took that step on Tuesday. That's when local public health leaders announced the county was set to receive 300,000 doses from the federal government. Opening tens of thousands of additional vaccine appointments in the weeks ahead. Back at Levi's stadium, people tell us from start to finish the process could take up to 2 and 1/2 hours.

SUNNY DUA: I know it's a little bit of a hassle, but once you get over this, imagine you can go back to the great America Parkway on the other side and watch a stadium match rather than going for a vaccinations.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: A small price to pay after more than a year under the pandemic.

AGUSTIN GONZALEZ: So coming out, seeing all these people, it kind of, like hope for kind of that we could go back to where we once were.

AMANDA DEL CASTILLO: In the South Bay, I'm Amanda del Castillo, ABC 7 News.