Lewisburg Children's Museum host foam snowball fight

Jan. 22—LEWISBURG — Even though there haven't been many chances for children to have snowball fights this year, the Lewisburg Children's Museum gave those looking to engage in battle a chance.

On Saturday, the Garman family, of Milton, took advantage of the children's friendly battlefield and tossed foam snowballs at each other all in good fun.

"This is so much fun," 6-year-old Catherine Garman said. "I am enjoying this and love to throw the snowballs."

The museum has been a pretty active place recently, executive director Kahla Woodling DeSmit said.

"During last week's MLK long weekend, we welcomed just over 700 children and their families to the museum," she said.

"Each week we host regular weekly programming, including our Saturday STEM programs and Toddler Times. We try to connect interesting STEM skills and concepts to experiences that would be familiar for children and their families so they can make new connections."

Stephanie Garman, 36, said this was her first time bringing her children to the museum this year.

"I have been hearing this is the place to be so we wanted to come over and enjoy the day," she said.

Woodling DeSmit said the museum keeps growing.

"We also work really hard to welcome as many families as possible to the museum through our Count Me In program, which provides free or reduced admission to underserved families," she said. "One of the newest aspects is our Cultural Pass program with the local libraries. Patrons can check out a pass for the museum, visit, and return it to the library."

And even with all the educational tools readily available, 3-year-old Isabelle Garman, was making sure to fill a basket with foam snowballs in order to be prepared to toss them at Catherine Garman and Lincoln Garman, 5.

"I am having a lot of fun," Lincoln Garman said. 'I love throwing the snowballs."

Woodling Desmit said there is much more to come for the museum in the future.

"We are actively working with our local United Way to promote STEM learning opportunities in our surrounding communities through outreach programs to libraries, afterschool programs, and other community-focused organizations. We love sharing learning, imagination, and play around the Valley," she said.

"We just celebrated our five-year anniversary and are so proud that we have already engaged with over 115,000 children and their families through on and off-site programming during that time."