Lewiston FedEx distribution facility plans $1.6 million parking lot expansion

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Jan. 12—LEWISTON — The Planning Board unanimously approved Phase 3 of a new FedEx site expansion.

For the first, Gendron Realty was looking to expand parking and stormwater facilities at 380 River Road, the local home of FedEx.

The parking area will grow by 4.3 acres, adding 166 employee parking spots and additional room for 40 long trailers and 81 vans.

The $1.6 million project impacts 18,105 square feet of wetlands, according to a memo from consultant Michael Gotto of Stoneybrook Land Use.

The distribution facility embarked on Phase 2 of growth last year, adding a 38,388-square-foot addition. At that time, up to 200 people worked there year-round and up to 100 seasonally.

City Planner Doug Greene said current employment numbers weren't discussed Monday night. As part of Phase 2 approvals, FedEx has to let the city know each February what peak employment hits in November-December, and should it grow over 370, it'll trigger a traffic assessment.

"Phase 3 kind of completes the entire project," Greene said. "Once they get all this new parking put in place, they should be good for the long-term."

Gendron is aiming to finish the project by November, in time for the next peak season, according to Gotto.

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