Lexington man charged in girlfriend’s death pleads guilty to manslaughter

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A Lexington man pleaded guilty in his girlfriend’s death Monday, the same day he was set to go to trial after being charged with murder in the case.

James Aubrey, 58, was originally charged with murder, possessing a handgun as a convicted felon, and evidence tampering following the 2020 death of his then-girlfriend, Karen Greenup, a 57-year-old Georgetown resident.

Police alleged after Greenup’s death that Aubrey assaulted Greenup. Evidence collected at the scene showed Aubrey made attempts to clean up when he disassembled a handgun and threw it in the trash, according to court documents.

Aubrey signed a guilty plea agreement Monday, which reduced his murder charge to first-degree manslaughter. He also pleaded guilty to possessing a gun as a convicted felon, and his tampering charge was amended to a second charge of possessing a gun as a felon.

He could serve a 19-year prison sentence if a judge agrees to sentence him by the terms of his plea deal. Aubrey is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 10 by Jeffery Taylor, a Fayette Circuit Court judge.