LG's New Phone Is Giving Other Android Phones (and Apple) a Run for Their Money

Polly Mosendz
LG's New Phone Is Giving Other Android Phones (and Apple) a Run for Their Money

LG's new device, the G3, is going to be a major player in the smartphone game. Up against Samsung's Galaxy 5; the iPhone 6Amazon's potentially 3D mobile device; and a Facebook phone with a trackpad, LG had to bring something impressive to the table to stand out. The G3 delivers. 

The new Android-based smartphone is basically one giant screen, with incredibly thin bezels and a smaller 'home' button area at the bottom. The screen is 5.5 inches, QUADHD, very high resolution: The display is 2560 x 1440. That's 538 pixels per inch. 

The camera is another focal point: 13 megapixel with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus. The autofocus is crazy fast, just .276 milliseconds. This means the G3 will be able to take photos more quickly than any of its competitors.

The notifications on G3 will be done with Smart Notice, an addition to Google Now. It'll alert its owner of unused files, apps and suggestions based on location. Like it's older brother the G2, the power and volume buttons remain on the back, leaving the front surface unblemished. 

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