Liam Neeson takes on another action thriller with 'The Marksman'

There's no signs of slowing down for the 68-year-old Liam Neeson. He flexes his fighting skills yet again, as a loner hero in his new film, 'The Marksman.' (Jan. 14)

Video Transcript


- I worry about you.

LIAM NEESON: I have a stunt coordinator called Mark Vanselow. We've just finished our 25th film together in Melbourne, Australia. And I just like-- I like getting together with Mark and the stunt guys and choreographing a couple of fights.

I was in the Marine Corps so I suggest you all turn around and adios.

- I'm a soldier, too. My orders are to take them back with me.



LIAM NEESON: I'm like a kid in a candy store. I love doing that stuff, you know? Obviously, the story has to be appealing, but I just-- I do like doing physical stuff. I don't do my own stunts. I do my own fighting. Jacob Perez, who plays Miguel, had very little experience acting.


This kid didn't bring any of this on himself.

What he did when he did act, it was absolutely pure and honest. And I just learned a lot from that kid. We keep in touch. You know, he calls me Grandpa Neeson--

- She must have had a lot of faith in you.

LIAM NEESON: --which I take as a compliment. No man is an island, or a woman, you know. We have to reach out and try to help each other. We really do. I know that sounds very hippy dippy but I believe it, you know?