Liberal activists demand boycott of Texas over abortion law

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Activists are already calling for boycotts of Texas-based companies as a way to put pressure on the state’s Republican leaders after the passage of a controversial abortion law in the state.

The Supreme Court’s decision this week allowing the law to take effect ignited fury on the Left that was directed both at Texas lawmakers and at the high court’s conservative justices.

Using the hashtag #BoycottTexas, thousands of people have taken to social media to call on sports teams and celebrities to protest the state over the law.

Activists have also targeted corporations that make Texas their home, including Dell, McKesson, and Southwest Airlines.


Patricia Arquette, an Academy Award-winning actress, called for a boycott “until women have full equal rights.”

And the Lincoln Project, a pro-Democrat group started by anti-Trump Republicans, urged a number of companies, including AT&T and Pizza Hut, to move their headquarters out of the state in protest of the abortion ban.

Texas’s law prohibits doctors from performing abortions after doctors can detect a fetal heartbeat, which is typically around six weeks of pregnancy. Because the state’s lawmakers structured the ban so that private litigation, not the state, enforces it, the Supreme Court decided that the law could survive for now and face challenges once effective.

Justices made no ruling on whether the law is constitutional.

The pressure on Texas-based business echoes similar movements that have started in response to laws in Republican states that anger Democrats.

When Georgia passed an election reform law earlier this year, activists heaped pressure on Peach State companies to move their operations, or at least speak out, in protest of the reforms.

Several high-profile corporations, such as Delta Air Lines Inc., released statements denouncing the election law in solidarity with its liberal critics. Major League Baseball officials decided to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to boycott the reforms — a move that prompted its own backlash due to the denial of economic benefits from the game to the largely black city.


After Georgia passed its own six-week abortion ban in 2019, Hollywood boycotted the state. Several production companies and prominent actors vowed to stop making movies in Georgia, which had lured parts of the film industry in prior years by offering tax breaks.

And Texas corporations already faced pressure earlier this year over threatened boycotts in response to a voting reform bill that liberals characterized as restrictive. Many of the same companies beginning to weather calls for activism over the abortion law endured the same kind of demands in the spring over the voting bill.

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