Libertyville Heroes: Let's Recognize Those Making A Difference

Rebecca Bream (Hughes)

LIBERTYVILLE, IL — The adage 'not all heroes wear capes' is one that's apparent in society now, more than ever. Countless people are putting themselves in danger by simply showing up to work in essential roles for our communities, risking possible infection from the coronavirus. Doctors, nurses, police and grocery store workers alike are just some of the professions with a high potential for exposure to the virus.

Some of these everyday heroes we spot around town might not even be working at a job, but volunteering, making supplies, and going above and beyond in other ways during this time.

We know you've encountered or seen them around town, and we want to help recognize as many of these heroes as possible. Let us know about those making a difference in this difficult time by filling out the form below and we'd be happy to share their impact with the rest of the community.

This article originally appeared on the Libertyville Patch