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Friday 29, May

The Moon drifts into your dream zone today, where it will stimulate your psyche this weekend. This brings you into an intense creative phase, but it's less intellectual than it is emotional. Write down your dreams because that's where some of your best ideas are sure to come from.

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Thursday 28, May

The communication planet moves into your career zone today, Libra - and it's going to spend an extraordinarily long time in this part of your horoscope. That's because Mercury Retrograde begins in mid-June, keeping your focus on professional matters through early August. There may be ups and downs, but your ambitions are on point.

Wednesday 27, May

The Moon is in your social zone for the next few days, amping up your connections to friends, distant family, colleagues and Insta followers. Your collaborations and personal goals come together during this transit, so use it to bounce ideas off others and participate in group dialogues to create something amazing - all together.

Tuesday 26, May

The communication planet is arguing with the planet of expansion today, and it's putting everyone in a mood. You might feel a bit torn between your ambitions and your need for spiritual fulfillment and transformation. The material world and the realm of philosophy are in a competition at the moment.

Monday 25, May

The Moon is in your career zone as the new week begins, Libra. This energizes your professional drive and kicks your ambition into gear. All the weird energy of the last few months has had you a bit confused about what you want to build out there in the world, but the stars are reminding you what you're meant to do right now.

Sunday 24, May

The Moon and Mercury meet up in your house of inspiration for a flood of brilliant ideas and wisdom today. It's not easy to keep track of all of your options to expand your mind and raise your consciousness when there's such an extensive backlog. Give yourself a workable schedule to cover all the bases.

Saturday 23, May

The Moon and Neptune are in a snag putting pressure on your projects and vision for the way you would like the next chapter of your life to unfold. Of course admitting you have to surrender some of the control when there are just so many unknown variables is easier said than done.

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