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Wednesday 19, June

Your peace-loving nature is not going to dig the hardcore contention out there today, Libra. Do what you can to avoid the drama but expect that people will do everything in their power to provoke power trips and other aggro. You'll have to play the graceful diplomat as per usual, darling.

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Tuesday 18, June

Don't worry about the past so much, Libra. Things likely seem more intense than they actually are under the current stars. All of your fears are just right up in your face at the moment. Don't get caught in the grips of negative thinking and worst-case scenarios -- this too shall pass.

Monday 17, June

Now that the Full Moon is officially here, it's time to clear the slate and speak your mind. This lunation amplifies your communication zone and highlights the things you've said - and the things you've been afraid to say out loud. Know that you can speak your mind and honor your heart, and don't be afraid of causing conflict.

Sunday 16, June

The planet of dreams and illusions mists pink fog over everything you experience today. With Neptune dancing with both Mercury and Jupiter, it's impossible to know what is real and what's all in your head. But this doesn't have to feel like torture, Libra - just enjoy the romance of the moment, even though you know it won't likely last.

Saturday 15, June

The Moon moves into Sagittarius today, setting you up for a few days of powerful communication. You tend to keep your thoughts to yourself when you assume they'll cause any conflict, but not this weekend! With the Full Moon hitting your house of talking, thinking and texting on Monday, expect at least a bit of verbal drama and don't sweat it.

Friday 14, June

Mars is throwing everyone for a loop today, Libra. First the planet of action and passion flirts with Neptune, bringing some confusion. Next, he gets in a row with Saturn, bringing out your inner ire. Finally, he catches up with Jupiter, which is a lot more fun - but it's all exhausting in the end. Don't push yourself.

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