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Monday 23, September

Welcome to your birthday season, Libra! Yes, the Sun moves into your stars to officially launch Libra season for the next few weeks. You've got a sweet planetary confluence taking place in your constellation, giving you all the support you need to get back into balance -- both with yourself and within your relationships.

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Sunday 22, September

With the Moon in Cancer, your career is on your mind, despite the weekend. You might feel a bit of intense concern around communicating your ideas, as Mercury is in your sign in an active square with serious Saturn. Just know that any stress can lead to total breakthroughs, Libra.

Saturday 21, September

Your sister air sign is holding court this weekend, amping up your adventure zone. Plus your ruler Venus is making a sweet aspect to the Moon in Gemini, along with chatty Mercury. In other words, it's a busy, flirty, fun weekend all around - great for going on a quick jaunt out of town if you can make it happen.

Friday 20, September

The Moon is in Gemini - your sister air sign. This brings the kind of vibe you truly adore, just as you head into the weekend. Use this to tap into your adventurous side, Libra, because lunar energy is filling up your travel zone at the moment. You really want to take off and fly.

Thursday 19, September

The Moon is in your sister air sign, but that's not the only thing amplifying your charming powers today. Transformational Pluto is in a positive trine formation with action-planet Mars. This affects your dream zone and your house of home respectively - bringing love and inspiration to your doorstep.

Wednesday 18, September

The planet of law goes direct today, bringing back some of the balance and justice you crave. With Saturn retrograde and topsy-turvy since last spring, your life at home has felt a bit strange and you may have been insecure about your closest relationships. Now you can get a grip on domestic affairs - without clamping down too hard.

Tuesday 17, September

You can get directly back to enjoying the sweet Libra vibes today, darling. Venus and Mercury moved into your stars over the weekend, but the Moon swept into your opposite sign shortly after, messing with your carefree vibe. Now lunar energy is hitting up your sex zone, so the next few days are super hot.

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